Dubin ferocity training method

“The ferocity of the doberman pinscher degrees from bite training, training needs for traction rope and old clothes, towels and other items, induced by threatening dog it bite items actively, cage dog training need help training member active threat, induced by Shouting or patting cage dog bite and bark, traction bite training need help training member completes the safety measures, make its active bite on Ming sleeve.”

Doberman dog is a kind of brave, intelligent dog, we can also see in the street there are many police on duty, will take Doberman as a police dog, and Doberman dog after systematic training, often can achieve a high quality. For Doberman dogs, to protect themselves is an instinctive behavior, and in order to enhance the ferocity of Doberman, often need to carry out appropriate training, here is to share with you a Doberman ferocity training method, take a look together.

1.Bite training

About the training method of Dubin ferocity, first of all, we need to start from the training of biting, this step of training mainly from the courage, physical strength, bite force and other aspects to carry out. In the training of ica stone need to find a clean environment, and then select the strong traction rope, then prepare for tearing the items, here can choose linen, towels, old clothes and so on, the main purpose is to let the dog to compete for items, there is no fear, dare to actively to bite, to obtain the victory of the strong desire, after the success of when the master is to encourage and reward them timely.

2.Cage training

Wants to boost the ferocity of the doberman pinscher, mainly to help training member, will the dog in a cage, and then through its bring some stimulus, induce its attack to help training, this step can sound threat dogs, then pretend to close to the doberman pinscher instead of for food, and if there is a dog barking and the behavior of the bite, can let help training officer shouted out continuously, Or continue to attract the dog’s attention by tapping on the door, which increases the dog’s ferocity and then helps the handler to escape when the dog barks.

3.Traction bite training

Traction condition bite training, training is also very important for the doberman pinscher, this step needs to help training ready Ming sleeve, and then by stimulating the doberman pinscher way for its initiative to bite the Ming sleeve parts, then continue to threat the dog let its bite later won’t let go, this step can effectively improve the doberman pinscher excitement on the bite. This step needs to pay attention to the traction tool to be strong enough, at the same time, the assistant trainer is fully equipped, do a good job of safety measures.

The above is about the introduction of Dubin ferocious training methods, we learned? When training Dobermans, be sure to take safety measures and train them in a systematic way.


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