Side herd to new home training should go out how to train?

“When we bring the animal home, we must first train them to go to the toilet, train them to be obedient, train them to go out and so on… If you want to train the edge of the new home to go out, we should have the patience to give it a few commands, and repeatedly hold it out a few times, for a long time the edge of the animal will understand the meaning of this command.”

On full name, also known as border collies, side of the past if a dog to sheep herd owner, so in some grassland areas and some foreign countries will often see this dog, but later on by their top intelligence also become our a lot of Chinese people are very like a dog, now keep on people is also more and more, Because the animal husbandry is not only smart and easy to tame, and their body shape is also in line with the standards of many people, many people just bring the animal husbandry home, do not know how to train the animal husbandry to the new home, so today I will give you an inventory of how to train the animal husbandry to the new home?

1.Side herd to new home training should go out how to train

How to training, we in the training on time, training them in puppy is the best period of four months or so, this time is the most easy to tame them, we first give the order to them, for example we can said to him, “go out”, bear in mind that our order can not be too many words, just two words can be, And then holding them to the outside of the room, and then repeated several times, if we gave instructions to let it go out again, it actively to the outside of the room, so this time is a sign of our training produced results, we can give them to prepare some snacks as a bonus, or language can give them some reward, Touch their heads to encourage them to do better.

2.What should I pay attention to when training a side shepherd

Although border Collies are very intelligent dogs, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to when we train them. For example, when we train the border collies, we should not train them for too long every day. In addition, we should also give them enough patience, not just because they are smart enough to overtrain them, and we should also give them enough rewards to encourage them.

The above is about the edge of the animal husbandry to the new home training out of the article, I hope that all the animal husbandry shovel excrement officials can have a happy, healthy and obedient children.

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