Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is native to Afghanistan. In the 19th century, the Afghan Hound was discovered in Afghanistan and its surrounding areas. In the late 19th century, hounds such as the Afghan hound were first brought to England. The historical purpose is to track hunting, track its prey by eyesight and follow the hunter on horseback.

The Afghan Hound is a kind of noble dog, because of its unique hair shape, long top bun and silky smooth, very prominent hip bones, broad feet without any ordinary or rough marks. Male, 27 inches, up and down error 1 inch; female, 25 inches, up and down error 1 inch. Male height: 64-74cm, female height: 61-73cm, male weight: 23-27kg, female weight: 20-25kg. Males are about 60 pounds; females are about 50 pounds.

Morphological characteristics
The length of the head is appropriate, it looks very delicate, and the head and front face appear even and harmonious. The slightly protruding nasal bridge forms a Roman appearance. Its centerline rises along the front face to a slight (or no) stop and disappears in front of the eyes, so the line of sight is clear, there is no conflict, the lower jaw appears very powerful, and the jaw is long and long. Strong; the mouth is a pincer-like bite, the teeth of the upper and lower jaws are evenly matched, completely aligned, and there is no overshot or undershot. For this breed, such a mouth is very rare. Scissor bites are stronger and easier to multiply than clamp bites. Scissor bites (the teeth of the lower jaw are close to the inside of the teeth of the upper jaw) are not a fault. The posterior occiput is very prominent, and the “hair” on the top of the head is silky, long hair. Ears: long, the position is about the same level as the outer corner of the eye, the length of the auricle can extend to the tip of the nose and is covered by long, silky hair. Eyes: Almond-shaped (almost triangular), not too prominent, and dark in color. Nose: Good size, black. Defects: Rough, truncated appearance, prominent upper or lower jaw, round, prominent or light-colored eyes, excessively exaggerated Roman nose, lack of “hair” on the head.
The neck has sufficient length, is strong and well-arched, and connects with the shoulders in a curved shape, and the shoulder blades are long and inclined backward. Defects: The neck is too short or too thick, sheep neck, goose neck, lack of muscle or bone in the neck.
From the withers to the waist, the top line looks almost completely horizontal. The waist is strong and strong, slightly arched, and disappears into the hips. The hip bones are very prominent, the ribs are well expanded, and the waist is raised. Shoulder height and body length (the distance from chest to hip) are roughly the same, chest deep and moderately wide. Defects: arched back, sunken back, goose butt, loose waist, hip bones not protruding, chest too wide, and conflict with elbows.
The root position of the tail is not too high, looped or bent at the end; but it should not be too curled, or rolled behind, or thrown to the side of the body; and it should never be too thick.
The forelegs are straight and strong. The length from the elbow to the pasterns is large, the elbows fit the body, the length and width of the forefoot are large, the toes are rounded, and the feet are covered with thick long coats. The texture is fine. The pasterns are long and straight, and the foot pads are very large and supported on the ground. The angle of the shoulder joint is appropriate so that the leg is in the right position under the body. A shoulder joint that is too straight will cause the pasterns to be crushed, which is a serious fault. The four feet of the Afghan Hound are kept in the same direction with the body, and they are neither bent in nor out. The hind feet are wide and of sufficient length, the toes are well arched, and the feet are covered with a thick long coat. The hindquarters are strong and muscular, with sufficient length between the hock joints and hips; the hock joints are low, and the angles of the hock joints and knee joints are very appropriate; the hock joints to the hips are slightly curved and arched. Defects: The front and rear feet are bent inward or outward, the foot pads lack sufficient thickness, the feet are too small, the feet have other significant shortcomings, the pasterns are loose or crushed, the knee joints are too straight, and the hock joints are too long .
Hindquarters, waist, ribs, forequarters, and legs are covered with thick, silky hair, with fine texture; ears and four feet are feathered; starting from the front shoulders; to the back The hair that extends into the saddle-shaped area (including the waist and above the ribs) is slightly shorter and tighter, forming the smooth back of a mature dog, which is a traditional feature of the Afghan hound. The Afghan hound appears in its natural form, and the coat does not need to be trimmed or trimmed; there is a long and silky “hair” on the top of the head, which is also a distinctive feature of the Afghan hound. Shorter hair on the wrists of the forelegs and hindlimbs is allowed. Defects: Mature dogs lack short-haired saddle-shaped areas.
Male, 27 inches, up and down by 1 inch; female, 25 inches, up and down by 1 inch.
Males are about 60 pounds; females are about 50 pounds.
All colors are allowed, but color or combination colors are better. White markings, especially on the head, are not ideal.
When running freely, the Afghan Hound will run at high speed, showing great flexibility and elasticity in a powerful and smooth pace. Without restraint, the Afghan hound runs extremely fast; when running forward, the back feet directly fall on the footprints of the front feet, and the (front and back footprints) are all straight forward. When running, the head and tail are raised high, the overall appearance of the Afghan Hound is very stylish and very beautiful
Noble and transcendent, yet lively. Disadvantages-mean or timid. Aloof and majestic, but happy. Defects: fierce or shy.

Afghan hound character characteristics

The Afghan Hound has flowing hair, noble appearance, and elegant posture that is fresh in my memory. In life, he is very hygienic. Therefore, when raising Afghanistan, you must remember to bathe him regularly in the beauty salon.
Afghan Hound character
has a calm personality and is not easy to get angry. Introverted and reserved are the characteristics of the Afghan Hound. When you ignore it, it will not take the initiative to care for you. It is generally arrogant when dealing with strangers, but because of its docile temperament, it will not attack people easily. It’s very different to the owner. It’s very dependent. It also speaks with eyes. It likes to look at its owner and wait for instructions. But it is not the kind of hunting dog that obeys the owner, but this kind of hunting dog is the same as the owner. The relationship is very good. In this regard, no other pet can compare to the Afghan Hound. In addition, it may also know that it has a satin-like fluff and a charming appearance, so it usually likes to be clean and never goes to dirty places. When it encounters puddles or something when walking, it will dexterously jump over. My favorite thing to do is to tidy up my hair, or find a comfortable place to lie on my stomach (change the posture twice at most). Although they are very active outdoors, they are quiet indoors and will not bother you all day.
has a lively personality and requires a lot of exercise, so I have to do a certain amount of outdoor activities every day. When walking, be aware that it may be over-excited when it is far away from the owner. If it runs away, it will run faster than a horse. Not only that, but its explosiveness and jumping ability are very good (it’s no problem to jump 50 or 60 centimeters in place). The coordination of the body is even worse. For example, when an obstacle is suddenly found in the front, the Afghan Hound can react quickly in high-speed motion and turn and avoid dexterously. It likes water very much and will jump in when it sees water. If possible, give it more opportunities to get close to water.
has a strong independence. Therefore, the Afghan hound must be tamed in depth when it is a puppies. Because it is a large dog, you must be disciplined when you are young to avoid being too irritable. When it is well-trained, adult dogs are generally suitable for children and adults. It is also heat-resistant and cold-resistant, and has a strong ability to adapt to the environment: it can have strong endurance in any harsh environment. But sometimes there is a neurotic side. Although the physique is strong, in terms of life, dogs are the same as humans. Once changes occur, various dissatisfactions will also cause depression, leading to increasingly thin bodies, insomnia and dreaminess.

Afghan hound maintenance knowledge

The Afghan Hound is an ancient dog breed. It is native to Afghanistan. There are many people in the country who are raising this dog. Due to local differences and long hair, it is necessary to pay more attention to the diet and life. First, understand his personality and hobbies, and then choose His favorite ingredients and nutrition. However, it is hot summer, so what should Afghan hounds pay attention to in summer?
What should Afghan hounds pay attention to in summer
As the saying goes, “The plan of the year lies in spring”, which is good, but summer is a difficult season for one person and one dog.
Hot summer is the most annoying season for people. Of course, dogs are the same. Everyone is willing to stay in a cool place and spend a hot summer. At this time, people choose shade trees and air-conditioned houses.
Many parents will let their dogs follow them, let the dogs walk into the air-conditioned house and enjoy the happiness brought by the air-conditioning. It is really good. For the parents, it is very helpful to the dogs. This is a big mistake. It is very wrong. It looks like it makes the dog comfortable, but it affects the dog. Frequently letting the dog blow the air conditioner will cause the dog to diarrhea and also cause the dog to catch a cold. So parents should pay attention and don’t let the dog often The dog blows on the air conditioner, which will have an impact on the dog.
Summer is here, and many parents will bathe their dogs. This is something that dog owners know. What should we pay attention to when we bathe our dogs? Let’s learn.
When we bathe the dog, we must not wash it for too long, which will easily cause the dog’s hair to fall off. Also, when bathing the Afghan hound, use a dog-specific shampoo or shower gel. Things like this will have a protective effect on the dog’s hair. Try not to use human shampoo or shower gel. This will damage the dog’s skin and hair quality. Lastly, after taking a shower, try to avoid using human shampoo or shower gel. Spray a little freshener on the dog so that the dog will look beautiful and confident.
Finally, after washing, don’t forget to clean the dog’s ears to prevent ear diseases. The hair in Afghanistan is longer and more prone to knots. The owner should help him comb the hair every day. He was vaccinated and dewormed regularly.

Afghan hound feeding points

Larger Afghan hounds do not only eat meat. A healthy diet can make the Afghan hound live longer. If you want to feed him with homemade food, then you have to know the daily nutrient requirements of the dog and what ingredients you use with it. Nutritional ingredients can maintain the health of the Afghan Hound.
What to eat for Afghan hounds
The fat content is the main source of calories in the food of the Afghan Hound. Pasta is an important source of carbohydrates, because they are tasteless, so it is often necessary to add some flavor.
Animal heart contains a lot of fat. It must be restrained when feeding the heart. Its calorie content is twice that of kidneys or other internal organs.
Liver, like other meats, has high phosphorus content and low calcium content. The liver is rich in vitamin A and B1, but it cannot be consumed for a long time. Fresh vegetables and fruits: Uncooked vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, cabbage and apples, are good vitamin supplements. Both chicken and turkey are easy to digest and have lower calorie content than other meats. Cooked rice is easy to digest. It is best to mix with chicken to feed Afghan hounds in recovery period.
Fish: When feeding fish, you have to be very careful to remove very small bones.
Afghan hounds are not pure carnivores like cats. They can survive on a vegetarian diet because they can convert plant protein and fat into essential elements for maintaining the body. It is not recommended to choose to let dogs eat all vegetarian food, which cannot provide comprehensive nutrition.

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