Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever, native to Scotland, has the blood of Setters. Because of its strong swimming ability and the ability to pick up prey from the water to its owner, it was originally used for hunting and traveling by gun. Falling waterfowl, AKC classification belongs to the sport dog group.

Golden Retriever morphological characteristics

The Golden Retriever ranks fourth in the dog’s IQ. Because the Golden Retriever has a pair of gentle eyes, a smiling face, an angel-like perfect personality, and a golden coat covering the glory of heaven, it is currently mostly used as a family dog ​​and guide dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) standard stipulates that its fur is “rich, lustrous golden of various shades”, and does not allow too light or too dark colors.
It is divided into two types of colors: light cream (not enough pigment) and dark coffee.
The main molting period of golden retrievers is twice a year. However, because they have more hair than small dogs, they are often mistaken for shed hair. Both large and small dogs will shed hair. The usual shed hair is only The daily metabolism is only, as long as you comb it frequently, you can reduce this trouble
The Golden Retriever is a well-known, powerful and lively dog ​​breed. Its scientific name is the Golden Retriever. It is stable and well coordinated with various body parts. The legs are neither too long nor awkward. The expression is friendly, and the personality is enthusiastic, alert, and confident. Because it is a kind of hunting dog, it can show his essential characteristics in a difficult working environment. His overall appearance, balance, gait, and the purpose of the dog breed deserve more attention than any single part of the body.
Defect: Any deviation from the ideal description of the dog breed can be regarded as a defect. The severity of the defect is determined by the degree of contradiction with the purpose of the dog breed or the nature of the dog breed.
disqualification condition
1. The height is lower than or higher than 2.5m of the standard height.
2. The teeth are protruding in the upper or lower palate.
3. There are a lot of white hair or white spots on the chest.

Golden Retriever personality characteristics

In many families, people’s general understanding of golden retrievers is that they are lively, coquettish, loyal, and honest. We can see him when we play. He is friendly to anyone and can be a human being. Good friend, because of his good temper and clever head, many Golden Retriever dogs have been trained as guide dogs to make contributions to mankind.
The dog is busy picking up things constantly. What he is best at is picking up slippers, shoes, balls, rag dolls and so on. The favorite toy is the spherical toy. Come to the owner’s side, raise a leg to attract the owner’s attention, or rush over, act like a baby with the owner, and ask to play together. Will “hum, hum” and play coquettishly with nasal sounds, keep walking around the owner, or when he sees something, he will bite in his mouth and run to the owner; even if it is
A large piece of dead wood will not be let go.
act like a baby
made a coquettish sound with a nasal sound of “hum, hum”, and the body kept getting closer, hoping that the owner could touch it. It will pass through the owner’s straddle, or lie down with its belly exposed to “play tricks” to the owner. At this time, don’t drive it away aggressively, even if it’s only a moment, try to keep physical contact with it. This can make it feel the love of the owner.
When she just left her mother’s puppy or stayed alone at home, she would bark “Woo~~Woo~~”. Hanging his shoulders, lowering his head, standing weakly on its “turf”. Even if the ball rolls over, it won’t take a look. He sighed, trying hard to get himself to sleep. At this time, only the love of the owner can give it tenderness.
The dog will completely obey the leader he identifies with. Of course, the owner of the pet dog is the owner. It will only make the unsuspecting action of lying on its back and exposing the belly of the biggest weakness to its owner, which means that it has no meaning to resist at all and is a signal of absolute obedience. In addition, when the tail is straightened back, the abdomen is lying on the ground, the ears are collapsed, and when he looks up at the owner sadly, it means to obey.
In order to fear that the toy will be lost, he will use his front legs to clamp the toy forcefully, or bite and shake it with his teeth. Because of being too excited, I will drool or straighten my stomach.
After being fully active and playing, I will lie down lazily, immersed in the fatigue of a happy mood, and feel satisfied inside. While staring at every move of the owner and his family, confirm that everyone has not forgotten its existence. When you are in a good mood, you will make a pleasantly coquettish voice.
Eating and walking are happy times. Lowering his ears, squinting his eyes, and sticking out his tongue are his expressions when he is in a good mood. The tail swayed vigorously, his body twisted from side to side, and his steps were light. When its tail swayed desperately, it was its happiest time. Sometimes, it wrinkles its nose, lifts its upper lip, and makes a smile. When it makes a “hum, hum” sound from its nose, it is also a symbol of happiness.
Fatigue after full exercise also makes the dog feel overwhelmed. The puppy will immediately fall asleep, yawn, and fall asleep soon. When it sleeps deeply, it can’t be woken up no matter how you call it, so you might as well let it get a good night’s sleep. As the saying goes, “One eye is one inch bigger”, when it wakes up after a good night’s sleep, it will move around vigorously until it gets tired.
When thinking, the dog will be silent. But the dog does not meditate, because it does not fit its personality. It will soon put into the next action, and is very enthusiastic about it. When it thinks at the moment between action and action, and repeats this kind of thinking, it can learn a lot from it. Therefore, repetitive practice is the key to training.
When the dog wants to say something, it will desperately look up at the owner with this “hesitation and stop” eyes. It will take the trouble to make the same action, and then make a low cry, hoping that the owner can understand its mood. At this time, one should try to perceive its requirements from its eyes. The dog’s demands are very simple and simple, and it is absolutely impossible for it to make extravagant demands.
The reason why the dog gets bored is because after having a lot of fun, he doesn’t know what he should do next. As a result, I feel lazy, only my eyes are constantly looking for new naughty objects. But the dog can’t be immersed in this kind of boredom all the time, as long as there is something that stimulates its curiosity, it will immediately get up and completely forget the self just now.
Interest is growing
The curiosity of the dog is very strong. When I saw animals and insects for the first time. The ears will be cocked up sensitively, and the tail will continue to wobble, with a little tension, slowly approaching. Sniffing the smell, when you understand “Everything is safe”, you will smell it with your nose and bite with your mouth… When you feel strange or encounter strange things, you will tilt your neck like a person and fall into thinking.
When the owner plays with himself, he will feel overwhelmed. He cocked his tail, craned his neck, and trot briskly all the way. When he was happy, he kept jumping, showing uncontrollable happiness all over his body. He would also shake his ears up and down, and spit out his tongue “ha, ha” to act like a baby to the owner.

Golden Retriever maintenance knowledge

The Golden Retriever feels simple and cute, smart and well-behaved, and obedient. It was cultivated as a hunting dog for hunting and hunting wild birds in the early days. It has excellent swimming endurance. Now they are mostly used as guide dogs and pet dogs. It is very friendly to elementary school students or children. The unique feature of Golden Retriever is that it is friendly and pleasing to people.
Conservation knowledge
must be prepared
Before adopting a small golden retriever puppy, the preparations you must do are as follows:
1. Take the Golden Retriever dog for vaccination regularly. In addition, chip implantation and disease treatment are all things that must be bothered in the golden retriever’s growth process.
2. Because the golden retriever puppies have not yet learned to excrete at a fixed point, they excrete more often. Therefore, the owner may have to patiently hold the newspaper all day long and wait behind the golden retriever’s ass to receive the dog’s poop and urine. At the same time, as soon as Little Golden Retriever has any movement, he will immediately hold it to the designated place and start learning fixed-point excretion.
3. The feeder bothers to comb the thick back hair of the golden retriever. Not only does it need to be groomed every day, but also, the dog needs to be careful not to get his mouth dirty when eating, and to avoid being soiled by food. In addition, the cleanliness of the environment should not be neglected; you must know that the little golden retriever will roll on the ground and make himself dirty.
4. Think about whether you are willing to let the dog be happy for a lifetime, and whether you are willing to continue to piss and pee for the dog, wash the quilt, and spend more than ten years of such a life with it.
5. The life span of golden retriever dogs is generally 10 to 15 years, which is very short. Therefore, to adopt a Golden Retriever dog, the owner has to bear the responsibility for more than ten years.
6. Golden Retrievers, like children, have parasites in their stomachs, and they should be dewormed regularly in and out of the golden retriever’s body when they are young.
7. Some Golden Retriever dogs have hip dysplasia caused by genetic factors or acquired factors. When taking care of Golden Retriever dogs in life, the owner should be very careful.

Golden Retriever feeding points

The Golden Retriever is a good child who is not picky. He is well-behaved and obedient. Because of his large size, he has a relatively large appetite. For a large dog, a healthy diet requires strict control. What can the golden retriever eat? What can’t you eat?
Feeding points
The best food for golden retrievers is dog food. It is very difficult for home-made food to achieve a reasonable nutritional ratio. Dog food is processed according to this nutritional ratio and is the best food for dogs. In addition, if you eat homemade food for your pet, be careful to put a very small amount of salt to cook and eat. Excessive salt and raw food will damage your dog’s health. If you can’t give it dog food and eat homemade food, you should pay attention to the combination to ensure a balanced nutrition. Animal offal (note: do not feed pig liver for a long time, it will be poisoned), meat, cornmeal, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick), carrots, etc., all can be dog food, It is fed after cooking with almost no salt. In addition, you need to mix a little warm water when feeding puppies and dog food.
One, what do golden retrievers like to eat
1. Golden Retriever likes to eat fruits very much, because fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy, such as apples, pears, cherries, watermelons, peaches can be given to Golden Retrievers, bananas can also be taken, but the stomach and intestines of Golden Retrievers should be considered. Don’t take it.
2. As a staple food for dogs, Golden Retriever likes to eat. Sometimes you can add other things to it, such as meat, vegetables, chicken liver, etc. These golden retrievers also like to eat.
2. What can’t golden retrievers eat
1. Golden Retriever always likes to eat the food that the owner eats, but the food that people eat is not suitable for Golden Retriever, such as bread, Golden Retriever cannot eat it, because the salt content is too high. If the Golden Retriever eats too much salt, the Golden Retriever will be beautiful. The golden retriever is about to fall.
2. Condiments such as onions and garlic should not be given to Golden Retriever. These foods are strongly toxic to Golden Retriever’s blood. If you eat too much, it can cause acute anemia and even endanger your life.
3. Spicy seasonings are pungent and strong-smelling foods are believed to have a sensitive sense of smell. Golden Retriever is unwilling to eat. Foods with too much mustard and chili can cause the mouth and gastrointestinal ulcers of the golden retriever, so they should never be fed.
4. Chicken and duck bones cannot be fed to Golden Retriever. These bones are thin, sharp, hard and difficult to digest. They will scratch the golden retriever’s intestines and cause blood in the stool.
5. Do not feed milk to the golden retriever. Milk is not easy to digest and will cause golden retriever diarrhea.
6. The most popular fruit that Golden Retriever cannot eat is grapes. Grapes can cause Golden Retriever kidney failure and even death. The cores of fruits such as apples and pears cannot be eaten either. They are poisonous.
Three, what do golden retrievers eat is good for their hair
To make the dog’s hair shiny and beautiful, feed the dog more protein-rich feed every day. Contain vitamin E, vitamin D additives, seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, boiled egg yolks, vegetable oils, etc., feed less foods rich in sugar, salt, starch and other foods.
Fourth, the precautions for feeding the elderly golden retriever
Most old golden retriever dogs will become very fat due to reduced activity, so pay attention to control their food intake and feed more vitamin-containing foods. A cup of yogurt before going to bed can help digestion.

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