How do you train your dog’s coordination

“Dogs need to be trained to improve their coordination by training them to catch objects in the air, improve their overall coordination, prepare a treat or toy they like, catch the dog’s attention and then throw it, if not, repeatedly throw it. In addition, you can choose to walk with the method, take it out for a walk and run, through the accompanying way exercise to improve coordination.”

Some dogs may have poor coordination, which often makes people very worried and don’t know what to do. In fact, it is necessary to provide some basic movement training for dogs at this time, so as to improve their body coordination. So what if you train dogs to coordinate? I believe that many friends are concerned about the problem, the following to understand the relevant training methods.

1. Aerial contact method

How do you train your dog’s coordination? To train your dog’s body coordination, use aerial catch training. This training program is a great way to improve your dog’s judgment, accuracy, leg muscles, and overall coordination. The training method is to prepare a favorite treat or toy, hold it in your hand to attract the dog’s attention, then ask the dog to focus on the object, then give a command to increase its attention, and then throw the object in the distance with the command to “take”.

2. Essentials of receiving training

Initially selected items can choose lighter weight, volume of appropriate items, because of light weight goods falling speed will be slow, can let dogs have enough time to respond, if the dog did not catch the items at the beginning, fell to the ground, want to use this item on, it will have to stop in time, pick up and throw it again, By letting the dog know that the object is not his until he catches it, he can increase his mid-air catch power.

3. Follow your walk

In addition to catching objects in the air, you can also take your dog for a walk to improve body coordination. In fact, it is not difficult to exercise your dog’s coordination, as long as you exercise more. After attaching the leash to the dog, we can take it out for a walk or a run, and let it play around. In addition, we can also let it learn to walk with it. Through this kind of training to control its own behavior, it can also effectively improve the dog’s coordination.

So that’s how to train your dog’s coordination. Have you learned? In fact, training dog coordination, mainly through the method of exercise, only the whole body is moving, so as to effectively exercise to the body coordination, you can also try according to the above two methods, as long as you stick to it will have the effect.

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