How long should I train my dog to stand up? How do you train?

“Dog owners now have a lot of, but, a dog is facing a very important problem, is to train your dog skills, which is the most basic posture, in fact he isn’t hard to train, we only need to let them learn to stand the action, and the ability to stick to a period of time, as for the method, It’s food induced or it’s assisted by some kind of prop.”

This action, and can persist for a period of time, as for the method, is to use the method of food induction or is to use some auxiliary props. Maybe everyone in life to see other people’s dog station is very standard type, will feel more cool, in fact, this is a skill dogs will, as long as the dog after training, can achieve, then how to train the dog’s stance? How long does it take to train? How should you train? Next, I will start from these problems and discuss them with you.

1. Posture training.

Posture training in this respect, we should pay attention to the training time to start first, that is to say, in a dog when I was five months to six months to start this training, because at that time the dog the bone development of perfecting, and strong plasticity, in addition, at the time of training, method is to need everybody to slowly master, can use food induced way, In other words, when the dog performs this task well, he can be rewarded, and in this way, he will have a memory of this action in his mind, which will be very deep. Training is to put the dog in a smooth the surface of the table, and then let him back to near the edge of the table, in the beginning can with one hand holding his chest, or chin, another hand to pull its tail, that in this way, a dog can better to stand, and not fall, When the dog realizes that his hind legs are about to leave the air, he will instinctively lean forward, which will give him a straight posture and make him stand up more powerful.

2.Training time

In training time on this problem, it is the number of no sure, because every dog’s ability to learn new things is different, like people, to learn any knowledge, is not to say that is the same time to learn, so want to see you of dog training, and the reasons, but although there is no definite time, But be sure to regularly train, every other day to repeat this action, then a long time will be able to achieve such a effect.

This is the introduction of how long and how to train the dog standing posture, training dogs is not a difficult thing, you must have patience to succeed yo.

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