What reason is puppy often vomit

“Vomiting is a common phenomenon in puppies. It may be physical, it may be due to obstruction of the esophagus, stomach problems, etc. In the face of different problems, do not get too excited, timely take corresponding solutions, control the diet, then the dog can recover health.”

In the process of raising dogs, there will always be vomiting for some reasons, there are many owners will feel nervous about this, let’s talk about what is the cause of the dog often vomiting?

1. Physiological reasons

What reason is the dog often vomit? Some of them are summarized in physiology, very simple, if we don’t have any long dog after dinner immediately vomit, and spit it out most of the food after cooking out of the food back to their belly, it is more normal, the influence of the dog’s body and not much, also do not need to let them take medicine, Or to see a doctor.

2. The esophagus is blocked

What reason is puppy often vomit? Maybe it is because when it eats some food that is not allowed to eat, then its esophagus is blocked, and then when it eats more food, it will vomit because of the obstruction of the esophagus, and it will elongate its neck all the time. Most of the spit is saliva, and there will be no food. Most of the things that get stuck in a dog’s esophagus are hard materials, like bone. If it’s shallow, we can take it out. If it’s deep, we need to see a doctor.

3. The gastric ulcer

If the dog spits out yellow-green things, this indicates that it may spit out some bile, at this time must be its intestines or stomach has some problems, in most cases are the dog has gastric ulcer, need to take the dog to see a doctor in time, otherwise it will cause more serious disease.

4. Stomach bleeding

If the dog spits out something, it is the color of the coffee we normally drink, but it is different from the color of the feed, and it is not like the color of the food it eats. At this point we can make a preliminary diagnosis, it may be stomach bleeding. Because the dog’s gastritis is the color of coffee. At this time we can give it to eat some anti-inflammatory drugs, and then eat food as far as possible to light, not too spicy, some meat food should not eat, so that we can slowly recover.

The above is some explanation of the reason for the puppy vomiting. In the face of different problems, we must take corresponding measures. I hope you can not panic when you encounter the same problem.


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