Where does a dog hide when it’s lost? Where are we going to look?

Generally, when a dog is lost, we have to go to the neighborhood and choose the spot to look for according to the season. If you don’t want this to happen, we must train it when it is young, and put a lead on it when it is suitable to go out, so as to prevent it from getting lost and we can’t find it and prevent it from attacking others.

You can often see in the street look for dog revelation, are generally posted streets are, in fact this is after the dog wandered off dog owners usually do one thing, because usually in dog just was born not long home raises, a pet is a few years or even more than ten years, especially families with children, his feelings with the dog dog is deeper, They will be very sad if your dog is lost, but the dog, after all, is not the same with us a lot of dog’s IQ is not high, can we go out walking the stranger it give it some delicious give it away, so we usually more training dogs or keep some relatively high IQ, but this does not completely prevent the dog run, Today we are talking about where do you hide when you lose a dog?

1. Near the house

We can now place to find, if can’t find, we can find near our home, such as garden often play with it, the corridor, and it often go, go out like a dog’s nose is very sensitive, will walk along the smell of the master to, of course, if just wandered off shortly after we can stay put waiting for first, Because it’s very likely to come back to this location to find you, and if it doesn’t come back after a long time, it’s probably really lost, and we have to go to the places I mentioned above to find him.

2. According to the season

If it is lost in the winter we can go to anywhere there are a lot of sunshine, the sun can according to the place to find it, although it have more hair, but the winter temperature is very low, it is easy to cold, this time it will find a warm place to bask in the warm, of course in the summer, the weather is hot and maomao is also a lot of it, it will be more hot, At this time, we will go to some shady places, such as parks with many trees, residential buildings and other places. We can go to these places to find it. If we can’t find it, we can ask strangers around us to find it and then print the publicity page to find it, so that it is more convenient to find.

The above content is the dog lost half will hide where some introduction, since we chose to keep it will be responsible for it, in time to find it when it lost, don’t let it become a poor no one wants stray dog oh.

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