The Whippet is a sporty dog of origin in the United Kingdom. The name of the dog is derived from the word “whipping”, which means fast movement. The limbs are slender, muscular, strong and powerful. It is a reduced form of Greyhound.

Whippet morphological characteristics

The ideal adult dog with a whippet should be between 48.26-55.88cm; the ideal with this dog should be between 45.72-53.34cm, the upper and lower error of more than 1.5 inches is a disqualification. The distance from the chest to the hips is equal to or slightly greater than the height at the shoulders. Medium bone mass.
A medium-sized sight hound with an elegant and well-proportioned appearance, showing speed, strength, and balance, but not rough. A true sporty hound can run the longest distance with the least amount of movement. The impression is beautiful and harmonious, muscular, strong and powerful, and the appearance is extremely elegant, graceful, and the streamlined body shape is the requirement of speed. The contours are well-proportioned, the developed muscles and strong strides are the key considerations; all his structures are for speed and work, and any exaggeration must be removed.
The head is long and slanted, the ears are quite wide, the stop is almost invisible, and the teeth are white and strong. An undershot bite is a disqualification. An overshot bite is also a disqualification if the overshot is 1/4 inch or more. The neck is long, neat, muscular, well arched, and the throat is free of fat, gradually widening and blending into the upper shoulder blades. A short, thick neck or sheep neck is a fault. The back is wide, firm, and muscular, longer than the waist. The topline starts from the withers, presents a smooth, graceful and natural arch, and crosses the waist to reach the hips; the arch is continuous without breaking. Collapse behind the shoulder blades, sunken back, flat back, steep or flat hips are all faults. The tail is long and has a thin tip that extends to the hock joint when it falls between the hind legs. When he moves, the tail is held low and slightly bent upward; the tail should not be lifted higher than the back.
The coat is short, tight, smooth, and hard in texture. Any other coat is a disqualification. Old scars left by work or accidents should not be discriminated against in the competition. The color is not important.
The gait is low and stretched, and moves smoothly, with full extension of the forequarters and strong driving force of the hindquarters. Viewed from the side, his movements are very stretched; the forelimbs are close to the ground when they are stretched forward, producing long, low steps; the hindquarters produce strong driving force. When he leaves or when viewed from behind, the legs are neither inward nor outward, and the feet do not cross or interfere with each other.

Whippet personality characteristics

Whippets are kind and friendly to people in normal times. But there are also emergencies, which will produce huge explosive power in an instant to chase the prey. It is an excellent companion dog in the family and can do its job well at work.
Whippet has a gentle and compliant personality, happy, emotional, noble, intelligent, easy to train, very loyal to the owner, is a very good companion dog, and can also be used as a guard dog after proper training. The dog looks weak, but this small dog has amazing strength and is very fast. In addition, because it has Italian lingti blood, it is resistant to disease and has a long lifespan. It only needs enough exercise every day, which is the best choice for family dog ​​breeding. The dog has a habit of trembling, and its symptoms do not indicate fear or cold, but should be avoided in cold or hot climates. In short, the dog loves competitive hunting and has a comfortable family life. Trustworthy and able to be very good friends.
is easy to train, very loyal to the owner, is a very good companion dog, and can also be used as a guard dog after proper training. The dog looks weak, but this small dog has amazing strength and is very fast. In addition, because it has Italian lingti blood, it is resistant to disease and has a long lifespan. It only needs enough exercise every day, which is the best choice for family dog ​​breeding. The dog has a habit of trembling, and its symptoms do not indicate fear or cold, but should be avoided in cold or hot climates. In short, the dog loves competitive hunting and has a comfortable family life. Trustworthy and able to be very good friends.

Whippet maintenance knowledge

The appearance of the Whippet is very similar to the Greyhound. Some people say that the Whippet is a reduced version of the Greyhound. Nowadays, the Whippet is naturally beautiful, clean, generous and gentle, and is favored by many young ladies. This dog is also easier to raise in the family. After all, the coat is less, and the personality is docile, so it is easier to take care of.
beauty method
Despite the smooth hair, apart from some basic requirements for beauty, the bathing method must be correct, remove dust and keep the hair shiny. Here are the methods listed:
1. Check the water temperature before putting it in
Put the dog in too hot or too cold water suddenly, the dog will be frightened and afraid of taking a bath. Therefore, before putting the dog in the water, test the water temperature with your hands, confirm that the water temperature is normal, and then bathe it.
1. Use your hands to confirm the water temperature: Before bathing your dog, you must first measure the water temperature with your hands. The water temperature suitable for dogs should be slightly higher than the water temperature suitable for humans.
2. Wash all parts of the body: When washing your face, first hold up its chin and let the face face up to prevent water from entering the nasal cavity. To keep the water from splashing out, try to keep the sink as close to yourself as possible.
2. Wash every part of the body in the direction of the hair
3. Rinse thoroughly
After taking a shower, rinse off the whole body immediately. This is a very important step in the bathing process.
If the body wash is left on the body and not rinsed off, it may cause skin inflammation, so it must be rinsed thoroughly.
4. After applying the conditioner, rinse it off carefully
Apply conditioner to the hair on the head and face: When applying conditioner to the face, hold its chin and fix its head to avoid flowing into the nostrils or eyes. Massage while rubbing it. When applying conditioner on your head, lift your chin and lift its head up.
5. Wring out the water quickly
After taking a shower, there is a lot of water on the dog’s hair. Wring out the water before wiping it with a towel, so that the hair will dry more easily. Especially when the temperature is low, wring out the water quickly.
6. Wipe the water dry with a towel
After taking a shower, dry the dog’s body immediately. Use a towel to absorb the moisture, and the hair will dry quickly. And also save the time to dry with a hair dryer.
After wringing out the water on the body, immediately dry the face and ears, and then wrap the whole body with a towel. The hair of long-haired dogs is easier to knot, so don’t rub it too hard. After wrapping it in a towel, rub it gently until there are no drops of water dripping down. Flower Pet Aquarium reminds you: This step must be quick, the sooner the better.
And don’t forget to wipe the toes, the toes and toes are the harder places to blow with the hair dryer, so you can only wipe it thoroughly with a towel and wait for it to dry naturally.
Seven, blow dry with a hair dryer
After wiping it with a towel, blow it with a hair dryer. First blow on large areas such as the back and abdomen, and then use a dog brush to comb and change positions to dry all parts.

Whippet feeding points

The growth of dogs is the same as that of humans. They must go through various stages such as childhood, adulthood and old age, and the Whippet is no exception. As the host, you must learn more about feeding.
Well-developed, strong physique, and strong sexual desire breed dogs can get more and better offspring. Therefore, the animal protein in the food for feeding male dogs is higher than that of ordinary dogs, and they must be healthy and not overweight or overweight. It is best to raise them separately and maintain regular exercise. 2-3 times a day in the big sports field or in the wild, every half an hour. During the breeding season, stud male dogs and non-estrus female dogs should be placed together to stimulate the male dog’s libido. At the same time, foods with higher protein and vitamins should be added to the food, such as lean meat, hard-boiled eggs, and milk. . In addition to regular feeding in the morning and evening, one more meal in the middle.
suckling bitch
After giving birth, the bitch should clean the delivery room in time to remove dirt and stillbirth. The vulva, tail, breast and other parts of the bitch should be washed and wiped with lukewarm water and soap. At this time, strangers are not allowed to approach, so as not to stimulate emotions, panic, or even bite. Within two or three days after the bitch gives birth, the feeding amount should be appropriately reduced, and gradually increase after four days, and return to normal in about a week. During breastfeeding, a bitch needs to secrete enough milk every day, so the amount of food and the number of feedings should be gradually increased to strengthen nutrition. It should be fed 3-4 times a day, with enough drinking water so that it can be drunk at any time. In terms of nutrients, in addition to appropriately increasing the protein and vegetables of concentrated food, broth or milk should also be appropriately added. Some bitches, especially primiparous bitches, do not have enough milk. You can try brown sugar water or glucose water to feed the dog and add vitamin C.
Puppy before weaning
After the puppy is born, observe it several times a day to prevent the bitch from crushing the puppy. Newborn puppies cannot hear their ears and their eyes are tightly closed. Puppies are usually born on the 9th to 13th days
opened his eyes. From the 13th to the 17th day, the sound can be heard. Before the puppy has opened his eyes, special care should be taken to individual frail dogs. When the bitch is breastfeeding, the weak puppies should be placed in the place with more milky nipples. At the same time, attention should be paid to the inspection. If the puppies are found crawling out of the delivery bed, they should be sent back immediately. Hearing takes effect only one week after birth. About 21 days after birth, the puppy can already walk gradually. At this time, it is necessary to prevent running out of the delivery room. 25 days after the puppies are born, their appetite is particularly strong, and breast milk can no longer meet their needs. A small amount of milk, rice soup or some gruel must be supplemented, and a small amount of cod liver oil, fish meal and bone meal must be added. The puppies start to use medicine to get rid of roundworms when they are three weeks old, and then repeat it every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old, and check the eggs in the feces again at 6 months old. One and a half months after the puppies are born, they should gradually switch to eating food. It should be fed 3-4 times a day to meet the growth and development needs of the puppy. Puppies are weaned from breastfeeding for 50-60 days.
Weaning puppy
Puppies after weaning, feeding and management are extremely important. The raising stage from weaning to 6 months of age is the key to cultivating good dogs. The most difficult time for puppies to raise and manage is one month after weaning. During this period, there are many diseases and high mortality, mainly due to improper feeding and management, which reduces the growth and development of puppies and disease resistance. The puppies after weaning should have protein in their food. Avoid overeating when feeding. It is advisable to eat less and more meals. For puppies between 2 and 3 months old, feed them 4 to 5 times a day, and only require 80% full each time. Take care of puppies when they eat, lest weak dogs can’t eat food and strong ones eat too much.
old dog
Older dogs are more afraid of cold and heat. Therefore, when the weather is cold, don’t let it stay in the open air for too long, let it have a warm and dry nest, and let it stay outside the house in the shade of a ventilated tree in summer. Most old dogs will become fat and stupid due to reduced activity. Therefore, we must pay attention to control the food intake and feed more foods containing vitamins. The eyesight and hearing of elderly dogs have deteriorated, and their reactions are slow. Dog owners should use petting or gestures to direct them. Do not yell at them or force them to play with children and puppies. It is best to give him a quiet home.

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