A dog with a rice bowl is cute? Here’s how to make a dog eat a bowl!

“A dog eating rice bowl makes many people feel very cute, so there are many friends hope to let their dog also learn this skill, so Xiaobian today from two aspects to introduce you to complete the secret of this action.”

Many of you have seen videos of dogs begging for food while watching Douyin. Sure everyone watching this video think these dogs are very lovely, especially at the time of diao jobs, with the constant improvement of the level of material at the same time, more and more friends all love the small pets, many a friend is like a dog dog, the dog dog as our human’s good friends, we often like to play with humans, said so many friends all say, Dog is the best friend of human beings, I believe that many friends should have deep experience through daily life or movies, so today Xiaobian will teach you how to let dogs learn to fetch rice bowls.

First, develop a bond with your dog:

Before we can train a dog to do this, we have to train the dog. Let the dog and the owner can reach the state of the mind, understand each other’s heart. So what can we do to get to that point? In fact, this is also a question that many new dog owners have been asking. In fact, the solution to this problem is very simple. We only need certain training and daily companionship to achieve this effect with dogs. We should be able to tell what the dog likes to eat in normal time, and we can make the dog like our little master by feeding it regularly according to what the dog likes to eat. At the same time, dogs like to go out to play, we need to take dogs out every day, at this time, dogs and our feelings will be slowly cultivated.

Secondly, we must prepare a rice bowl to give the dog a feeling that he can’t eat without a rice bowl:

The premise that we allow dogs to eat rice bowls is that we have rice bowls for dogs to eat. At this time, we cultivate a conditioned reflex for dogs to want food and have rice bowls, so that dogs will think of rice bowls first when they want to eat.

Finally, we call the dog to fetch the rice bowl:

At this time, the dog already know the user of the rice bowl, we just need to pass the language, let the dog bring the rice bowl over, we give him the rice, it is good, over time, when the dog is hungry, the dog will diao rice bowl to find you.

After listening to the introduction of the dog’s rice bowl, I believe that everyone must know how to do it! Let’s go teach the dog how to fetch a bowl!

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