Dog whisperers train dogs to defecate

“Dog defecation training needs to master the timing, after the meal, drink water, wake up after 30 minutes is the excretion time, timely guide the dog to come to the fixed toilet defecation, if successfully do this behavior will give a certain reward, consolidate the training results, fixed toilet to choose easy to find, quiet and spacious place.”

I believe that for those who have dogs, we all know the importance of training dogs to relieve themselves. After all, we can’t stay at home all the time, and we also have to go out to work during the day. It is undoubtedly a very devastating thing if our dog defecates everywhere after coming home every time. At this time, it is very important for the dog whisperer to train the dog to relieve itself. Here are some relevant training methods to share with you. Let’s learn together.

1.How is urination trained

Dog whisperers train dogs how to pee and poop? Training size is needed to master the timing, the timing is actually a dog poop, generally in the dog finished eating, drinking water, just up in the morning or go out to play after half an hour, is easy to discharge time, once found their dogs around the circles, with nose smell smell of the ground at the same time, At this time, it means it needs to relieve itself. At this time, the pet owner needs to guide the dog to the right place to relieve itself and help it get familiar with the place.

2.Consolidate training results

For dog poo training, be sure to reinforce the training results with rewards. There are a lot of benefits to being able to teach him to defecate in the right place, and by reinforcing that thinking over and over again, he will be able to behave in a good way. Of course, at the beginning of finding it everywhere, do not scold it, but to guide it, with rewards to stimulate it to do the right behavior.

3.Fix the location of the toilet

Additional, THE POSITION THAT FIXED TOILET CHOOSES ALSO IS TO HAVE EXQUISITE, NOT BE TO LOOK FOR A PLACE CASUALLY OK. First of all, choose a large, quiet area for a permanent toilet. At the same time, this place should not be too difficult to find, if it is too complicated for the dog to find, then it may be excreted on the way. Generally SPEAKING, THE CHOICE BALCONY IS BETTER, ALSO BE RIGHT CHOICE ON THE CORRIDOR ADDITIONALLY, REMEMBER TO WANT TO SPREAD GOOD NEWSPAPER TO SERVE AS FIXED TOILET.

So that’s how a dog whisperer trains a dog to pee and poop. Have you learned? In fact, the dog is trained to defecate, is every pet owners have to experience things, it is best to spare a few days in advance of centralized training, let it form a habit, so that the subsequent training as long as maintain this behavior.


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