Alaska back to kennel training

“First eliminate the fear of Alaska dog to the kennel, but through the way of food and toys, inducing it slowly close to the kennel, until completely into the kennel in life, if a dog to complete the behavior to give oral praise or a food reward, if barking loudly in the cage, need to stop in time and scold, after the dog obedient to give praise.”

Alaskan needs to be taught how to kennel voluntarily. This is something that all pet owners need to teach their dogs. Generally, dogs can master this skill very quickly after training. So how do you get started in Alaskan kennel training? I believe that many friends are also concerned about the problem, here is to share with you a relevant training method, to learn it together.

1.Food toy lure

About the Alaska kennel training, pet owners should first eliminate the dog’s fear of kennel, only let it not reject the kennel, willing to take the initiative to approach, is the first step to successful training. At this time, the pet owner can play with toys near the cage or feed the dog with food. The main purpose of this step is to show the dog that the cage is not a scary place, but a place with lots of good things, so that the dog will be willing to come to the kennel.

2. Back to house training

Inducing a dog into a cage with food and toys may not be easy at first, but over time, the dog will get used to it. When it enters the cage, the pet owner can give the command to enter the kennel. At this time, the dog can be obedient to complete the behavior, and can give the dog a verbal praise, also can reward food. As the dog gets used to being in the kennel, it is important to let the dog know that the cage is a safe and quiet place so that he can stay in the crate.

3. Cage quiet training

In cage training process, also remember to training a dog to keep quiet after kennel, if it is in the cage loud bark, so spoil the need to stop in time, and give reprimand, through this way to make it to remember to stay in the kennel when can’t make a sound, when dogs in strict accordance with the command to quiet, to timely give verbal praise. Once you’ve completed this training, you can travel with your dog without worrying about it disturbing others.

The above is about the Alaska back kennel training content introduction, you learned? In fact, in the process of the dog used to go back to the kennel, we must maintain enough patience, let the dog slowly adapt to this process, avoid being too hasty, can let the dog not nervous, let nature take its course of the kennel life.

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