How does a Pomeranian train it to shake hands?

“Leung is a very lovely dog, a lot of girls and children are very like the Pomeranian, many people who also will always keep trying training commanding, make some very cute little skill, especially training commanding, shaking hands, training commanding, shaking hands is a relatively simple thing, we only need to squat down in its opposite, say “handshake” to it, Then we will use our hands to grasp one of its PAWS to shake hands. After each handshake, we can give them a small treat as a reward. Over time, the dogs will form a conditioned reflex and train them to shake hands successfully.”

Now many of us will buy a pet dog to accompany themselves. First of all, the lovely appearance of pet dogs can heal the hearts of many children and girls. Second pet dog lively personality is with us our life can bring us a lot of spiritual comfort, but we want to better and handle the relationship between our pet dog, so we should not only give them a better living environment, and we also need to train them to do some little tricks to develop our feelings between them. One of the training techniques that many dogs go through is shaking hands with dogs. Pomeranian is a very intelligent dog. How can a Pomeranian be trained to shake hands? I believe that some new dog owners will be concerned about this issue, so I will show you how to teach Pomeranian handshake.

1.The host initiates the handshake

How does a Pomeranian train it to shake hands? Commanding, although it is a more clever dog, but when we in the training of commanding, shake hands, also need some time, we shake hands in the initial training commanding, first to shout out a password, for example “handshake”, our password must be brief, and then we as owner will automatically finish the action of shaking hands, After Shouting the exit command and completing the handshake, we can give them verbal praise or prepare some snacks to encourage them at this time, and then do this over and over again, eight to ten times each time, about eight times a day training can be. As we train the dogs longer and more often, they become conditioned to the word “handshake” and learn to shake hands naturally.

2.Training a Pomeranian handshake should be careful

Above we said the commanding, how to train it to shake hands, and let’s talk about what commanding, shake hands should pay attention to training, commanding, although say personality and lively, but the commanding, puppy period is not subject to any frightened, so we in the training of commanding, shake hands, even if they do not shake hands with us to complete the action, so we have to treat them gently, Never hit or scold them.

How does a Pomeranian train it to shake hands? I BELIEVE THAT the above article must BE able to provide some help to those who want to know about the training of Pomeranian handshakes, and I hope that everyone’s children can be happy, healthy and grow up.

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