Cocker started training in a few months

“Cocker spaniels started training at three months later, is not suitable for high intensity, training time each day for 15 to 20 minutes, let he must familiar with your name, at the same time learn simple password and gestures, do well will be rewarded in time, ready to old newspapers on the dog’s urine, put the dog near the toilet, when cocker spaniels or hold it here to go to the toilet.”

Many families began to raise dogs, and Cocker is a dog breed that many people raise. With proper training, good living habits and behaviors can be cultivated. However, it is best to carry out training in the appropriate time period, so as to play a good training effect, then a few months to start training Coke is better? Here is the question to explore with you.

1. Start training for a few months

What is a good time for Coca to start training? Generally speaking, after three months can start basic training, because at this time the card development to a certain extent, at the same time began to be curious about the outside world, learning ability is relatively strong, training effect will be better. As long as the training of basic subjects is carried out, the training time every day is not suitable for too long. Fifteen to twenty minutes of training every day is enough, otherwise it will affect the dog’s interest in learning in the long run.

2. Training precautions

Before Cocky is trained, he needs to be given a name that is simple and easy to remember. Then he needs to use this name frequently in his daily life to familiarize him with and remember his name until the dog responds to the name. After remember his name, but also need to he must learn some simple password and gestures, so as to facilitate the follow-up training, if he must do well, according to the command completes the right action, then gives promptly food as a reward, not ready to also can’t abuse it, ordinary scold enough.

3. Designated defecation training

Training cocker spaniels urine, prepare for the position of a fixed place as the dog toilet, such as balcony, bathroom, etc., and then covered with old newspapers or dog toilet, ready for another newspaper with cocaine near the urine in the toilet, so when he must want to urine, it would be able to find the location of the urine. At the beginning of the training, I found that Coco wanted to pee and poop. I needed to hold him to the toilet and help him remember this position. After repeated training, he could go to the toilet automatically.

The above is about the content of coke training for a few months, in the training of coke, choose the right time to start training, the effect is also the best, as a pet owner must not be able to miss the best training time.

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