What is the training sequence of horse and dog subjects? Are horse dogs easy to train?

“When we train horses and dogs, we must pay attention to their training sequence of subjects, starting with jumping, followed by standing, sitting, waiting, forward, lying down, shaking hands, holding, coming. The training sequence of these subjects is also arranged according to the difficulty of training. Although horses and dogs are very clever, it often takes some time after training these subjects.”

When we talk about the dog, we first reaction is to connect them with dogs, rescue dogs these working dog come together, horse breeds and Belgian malinois, known as Belgium horse breeds mainly appear in the Belgian this country in the past, horse breeds from IQ or from their trainability, flexibility, Can say is a dog dog in the world is outstanding, so the horse dog also can be said to be the best of the working dog a dog, a lot of people at the time of feeding horse breeds, pay more attention to the training they do some instructions and tasks, and horse dog, according to some subjects in order to complete, maybe you do not know what are the subjects of training sequence, ma Then read the following.

1.What is the training sequence of horses and dogs

I have summarized the training sequence of horse and dog subjects. If we want to train horse and dog, we should start training from some basic small subjects, such as the first step is to train their jumping, and then train them to stand, sit, wait, forward, lie down, shake hands, carry, come… These training subjects are relatively simple entry-level training subjects. When training horses and dogs to complete these subjects, we can take the method of food induction to promote them to complete the training.

2.Are horse dogs easy to train

It seems to me that the dog is a relatively easy to train a dog, the first horse dog obedience can be said to be a dog in the world the jiaojiao, second horse breeds of intelligence quotient is very high, as long as we began to focus on training during their puppies them, training them, and then in the adult before they can see very good results. If you wait until the dog is an adult, it’s going to be very difficult to get the results we want. And when we train horses and dogs, remember not to beat them easily, to encourage, praise, constantly motivate them.

For many people who are new to feeding horses and dogs, the training sequence of horses and dogs is a relatively unknown thing, but the relevant content of training horses and dogs has been summarized in the above article. Finally, I hope everyone can be happy to train their dogs successfully.

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