Dogs are trained over a period of months

“Dog training can begin after 70 days. At three months of age, the dog can be trained to defecate by placing a newspaper with urine on it near the toilet and guiding the dog to defecate at a fixed time. After six months of age, the dog can be trained to perform more intensive exercises such as obstacle jumping and running and jumping.”

Just adopted a puppy, do not rush to take it to training, because just adopted back the puppy is not familiar with the home environment, and the age is too young, not perfect development, this time training action is easy to get injured, and it is difficult to remember the action. So, how many months does dog training begin? I believe it is also the concern of many friends. Let’s take you to understand it.

1.Start training 70 days after birth

How many months does dog training begin? For the dog, it is recommended to start training in 70 days after birth, generally speaking, in three months to eight months, is a relatively easy training period, this period must be caught, at this time to start training, the difficulty will be much lower, but also save some worry and effort. Because of the differences in dog breeds, IQ and other aspects, the learning speed is not the same, so the training should be patient, let it gradually to train, so as to form a good habit.

2. Pee and poop training

At the time of three months, can start toilet training, let it begin with the regular urine training, the dog every time of half an hour after the meal, drink water after 15 minutes will begin to discharge, and to begin to poop, everytime after waking up at this time to take the dog to the toilet bowel movements in time, the beginning need guidance, familiar with the later will regularly go to poop. In addition, have a fixed place as a toilet with newspaper stained with dog urine, so he will know where to go to relieve himself.

3.High intensity movement training

After the dog is half a year old, he can start training for more intensive movements, such as obstacle jumping and running and jumping. In the obstacle crossing training, the dog should be trained with him at the beginning. When he is ready to cross the obstacle, he should give the “jump” command, and then he and the dog should cross the obstacle together, and the reward should be given after the completion. The run-and-jump training involves luring the dog to a height with a treat, then jumping in front of the treat. If the dog successfully completes the maneuver, the treat is offered as a reward.

The above is about the dog training action is divided into several months of content introduction, training the dog in the process, must be based on the dog’s age is divided into different subjects for training, in the right time to achieve the best training effect, interested in friends may wish to train their dog according to the above method.

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