How long it takes a dog to train to sit down

“It usually takes about three minutes for a dog to learn these two training movements, but it takes a long time for a dog to develop and maintain the memory and cognition, which takes about three months. Because it requires the dog to develop mechanical memory and long term memory and that’s a process that takes time to digest.”

Maybe some beginners make a mistake when training dogs to sit down, they don’t go to some assistance. It’s all on the dog’s own. You know the commands. And they often ask, how long does it take to train a dog to sit down? The answer we give is just a statistical analysis of the time when a professional trainer trained them to sit and lie. But the exact time depends on how well the person and the dog are learning.

1.Choose the right environment to train in.

At the beginning of the training, it is best to choose some indoor relief that will give the dogs peace of mind and focus. Because outdoor training, we can not kill the dog’s nature of play, so some new things in the outside world may affect their learning and training.

2.The instructions given should be single.

When we give the dog the command, both the command and the gesture should be kept single. For example, when we use the hand signal, we should not give the dog the command. Stop giving your dog signs when you give a command. If the command is given along with a hand signal, this will cause confusion for the dog. Make them feel overwhelmed.

3.Be consistent in choosing the time and place to train.

We had better keep three unity in training every day, that is, the same time, the same place, the same environment. This will gradually encourage him to do the training, because most dogs prefer the predictable. A set pattern, a step-by-step environment, and a consistent command are the most useful training for them, and dogs are highly receptive.

4.Don’t be stingy with your praise.

This is the most important thing for everyone who trains to remember, even the most stupid dog has his own self-esteem. Don’t spank your dog because he doesn’t learn well. Here I hope you can use a scientific method of training. The scientific method is to train through praise or encouragement. It makes the dog more receptive to the training that you’re doing and more receptive to you being his owner. Dogs are trained by punishment to be mostly mentally or temperamentally defective. Worse, it will make irreparable mistakes to the host. We can add snacks, toys, or favorite hangouts that other dogs like. When they perform well, or learn a move quickly, we can give them some encouragement and reward. Of course rewards and encouragement are not limited to material things, but can also be spiritual.


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