Fox dog how much money a

“Many friends do not understand how much money fox dog, the current market price in one thousand yuan to two thousand yuan, purebred puppies need more than two thousand yuan, competition level puppies need more than five thousand yuan. Fox dog hair thick, double coat, hair fluffy, very cute, feeding time to pay attention to the dog love barking, hair care problems.”

Many friends are very interested in fox and dog, also want to buy a home to raise, but for fox and dog how much money a, often is not clear about the specific price, in view of this problem, the following and everyone to understand it.

1. How much does it cost

How much is a fox dog? In fact, currently on the market of pet level of fox dog is very much, in general in normal kennel or pet shop to buy, the price is in one thousand yuan to two thousand yuan between, but if want to go buy fox purebred dogs, so the price will be relatively expensive, purebred dog fox pups are need at least two thousand yuan of above, Generally between two thousand yuan and four thousand yuan, if you want to buy the competition level of fox dog puppies, is the need for more than five thousand yuan, of course, in different areas to buy, the price will be different.

2. Fox and dog characteristics

Fox dog is a kind of dog whose coat color is pure white, which is very cute, and it is double coated. The dog’s neck, chest and tail are full of hair, but also very fluffy, with big black eyes, upright triangular ears and small black round nose´╝îIt can be said that the shape is very beautiful. After this KIND OF DOG BECOMES A DOG, THE GENERAL HEIGHT IS 30 TO 38 CENTIMETERS, THE TOTAL WEIGHT IS 6.5 TO 10 ATTACK ABOUT, THE LIFE SPAN IS 12 YEARS ON AVERAGE, IS VERY SUITABLE FOR KEEPING AS a PET DOG AT home.

3. Precautions for feeding process

Fox dog in the process of feeding, we should pay attention to several problems, because it is very love barking, so after bringing home must pay attention to the problem of training, to avoid letting it noisy neighbors. Because fox dogs have thick and long hair, it often takes some patience to keep them looking their best. In fact, fox dog is very clingy dog, so the owner at home free time, must go to accompany it, take it out to play, so it will be happy.

The above is about how much money a fox dog content introduction, we understand this clearly? In general, fox dogs are quite suitable for home breeding, if you are interested in this, you can go to a proper kennel or pet store to pick up your favorite.

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