What pets are fun and clean to keep

“What pet is better to keep and clean? The problem is quite simple. Cats and dogs, rabbits and turtles are fun, clean pets that are easy to feed, clean, and don’t smell too much.”

With the development of The Times, many people are becoming more and more enthusiastic about keeping pets. Some people keep pets to relieve pressure, while others keep pets because they like this kind of creature very much. Their reasons for keeping pets are different. But many people have the same pet appeal, that is, hope to keep a pet fun and clean, then for some people who want to keep a pet, what pet fun and clean? Let’s take stock!

1. The kitten

Kitten is a kind of natural more like clean pets, and the independence of the kitten is relatively strong, you can play with yourself for a long time, most of the appearance of the kitten is very lovely and lovely, a busy day back home to see the mood will become comfortable. And for people with modest means, cat food is also relatively cheap.

2. A dog

In the funny and clean inventory of what pets to keep, dogs naturally appear. Dogs can be divided into many types, such as the warm male golden hair known as the dog industry, Alaska who likes to tear down homes, sweet and lovely Pomeranian, and Akita dog who is loyal to their owners. In addition, the intelligence of dogs is relatively high. Generally, the owner trains the dog to go to a specific place to relieve oneself, and the dog will go to that place to relieve oneself, and will not poop anywhere.

3. The rabbit

I believe we still remember the lines in the movie, rabbit rabbit so cute, how can you eat rabbit rabbit? What kind of pet is fun and clean? Bunnies are also a great choice. Usually not at home when the rabbit can be locked in the cage will not feel stuffy, and the rabbit will not have what call, will not appear disturbing the situation. Rabbit hair is also very delicate and soft, the feeling is really not too good.

4. The tortoise

In fact, keeping a turtle is also a better choice, although the turtle usually moves slowly, but the appearance of the turtle for a long time will feel very cute and simple. And turtles are easier to support and live longer, so they can keep us company for a long time.

So what pets are fun and clean to keep? The above four are super fun and clean little pets, which can not only meet our needs of a small pet, but also won’t bring us too much trouble in life. In addition, it is also suggested that we should have more care and love for pets. When they appear in our life, they are both friends and family, and we are the only people close to them.

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