French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is native to France. This dog has strong muscles, strong bones, medium to small size, active personality, and is very interested in things. Except for the removal of wolf claws, any changes to him are wrong and disqualified.

Morphological characteristics of French bulldog

The French bulldog is one of the strongest and agile breeds in bullfighting. The early French bulldog was crossed with other local dogs, and eventually became the current small French bulldog with flat head, rose ears or bat ears. .
Morphological characteristics
French bulldog has heavy bones, smooth coat and compact structure. The French bulldog’s coat is short, slender and shiny, and the coat colors are tabby, fawn, white and so on. The size is smaller than the average bulldog, and the pair of bat ears it has is particularly attractive. The body is short and round, with strong bones, well-developed muscles, and compact structure; the chest is wide and deep, and the ribs are plumped up; the shoulders are wide, short, strong, and the waist is narrow, the hind buttocks are bent, and the abdomen is well-developed.
Body height: about 30 cm.
Weight: 10~14 kg. Head: The head is large and square, the head cover is flat between the ears, the forehead is obvious, and the eyes are obviously sunken; the muzzle is wide and deep; the cheeks are well muscled; the nose is short and wide; the lips are loose and wide, but not salivating , Dark in color, not showing teeth when closed; lower jaw is deep, square, wide and not prominent, slightly raised.
Ears: bat ears with wide bases and round and upright ends; the base of the ears is high, the two ears should not be too close, the ear hairs are fine and soft, and the ear holes are facing forward.
Eyes: located under the head cover, far away from the ears; the eyes are dark, not concave or protruding, and the nictitating membrane and conjunctiva are not visible from the front.
Neck: The neck is slightly short, thick and slightly arched, and the skin of the throat is loose and slightly wrinkled.
Torso: short and round body, strong bones, well-built muscles, compact structure; wide chest, full ribs retracted; shoulders wide, short, strong, narrow waist, large curvature of the hips, and a well-developed abdomen. The genitals must be healthy. Limbs: The limbs are strong and powerful, with well-developed muscles, and a special standing posture; the forelimbs are short and strong, with a slightly curved shape; the distance between the shoulders is wide; the hind limbs are strong, longer than the forelimbs, and the muscles are full, so the waist is higher than the shoulders; the size of the feet is moderate, Compact, with short toes and short claws. Tail: straight or spiral (but not curly), short, drooping, thick at the root, and thin at the tip. Hang down while resting. Coat: The coat is smooth and short, close to the skin, soft and shiny. The skin is soft and loose, and there are often wrinkles on the head and shoulders.
Coat color: tabby, camel, white, tabby with white, and other colors (except for disqualified colors). Except for pure black, mouse color, liver color, black with brown, black with white, or white with black, all colors are acceptable. Black means black without tabby.
Gait: Unique, flexible, and gentle pace, with very good jumping ability.

Character characteristics of French bulldog

The overall French bulldog feels very personal and cruel. This is just the surface of the French bulldog. In fact, his personality is inversely proportional to his appearance. He has an unparalleled noble temperament and is brave and fearless in battle. He would rather die than surrender, so it is deeply loved by people, especially by ladies.
French bulldogs are smart, agile and cheerful, kind, faithful, but not often barking, and quiet. Very suitable for raising in urban apartments. It is suitable for companionship with children, does not need to comb the coat frequently, and is easy to get along with other dogs. It is also an excellent gatekeeper.
Now that Fadou has been evacuated from the bullfighting arena, they have become family pets, no longer worry about living and eating, and no longer need to fight in the mall. The French Bulldog has extraordinary intelligence and can be a good caregiver. Its main function is as a pet or companion. They are kind, gentle, trustworthy, alert and playful, not too noisy, very rule-abiding, and barking very quietly. It should not be treated roughly. It is very suitable as an indoor pet, and the coat is smooth and short, and it is easy to keep clean.
It is worth reminding that although the French Bulldog is cheerful and lively, it is an animal after all. When getting along with children, parents must also take good care of them. Because young children don’t know how to get along with Dharma, it is necessary to ensure that Dharma and children live in peace, teach children how to get along with animals, and take good care of them. If it is malicious to tease the bulldog, then it is normal for him to counterattack accordingly. In order to avoid accidents, parents need to take care of them.

French bulldog maintenance knowledge

The hair of an adult French bulldog feels rough and short to the touch. We can’t ignore the process of helping a dog to take care of his coat just because the dog’s hair is short. The dog needs to be moulted in spring and autumn, especially in autumn. There is a lot of hair loss. So how should we take care of the French bulldog in the daily breeding process?
1. The benefits of regular combing
It is necessary to groom the dog’s coat frequently. This will not only remove the dirt and dust from the coat and prevent the coat from getting tangled, but also promote blood circulation, enhance skin resistance, and relieve fatigue.
2. How to comb the coat
Brush once in the morning and evening, and comb the hair for 5 minutes a day.
1. The sequence of combing: starting from the neck, from front to back, from top to bottom, that is, from the neck to the shoulders, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, then comb the head, and finally After combing the limbs and tail, comb one side and then comb the other side.
2. Combing method: Combing hair should be combed and pulled quickly in the direction of the hair. When grooming long-haired dogs, some people only comb the long hair on the surface and ignore the combing of the undercoat (fine hair) below. The undercoat of a dog is soft and dense. If it is not combed for a long time, it is easy to form tangles and can even cause eczema, tinea or other skin diseases. When combing a long-haired dog, you should comb layer by layer, that is, turn up the long hair, and then comb the undercoat.
3. Types of combs: brushes, elastic wire brushes and long and sparse metal combs. The brush can only make the ends of the long hair fluffy, but the fine hair (undercoat) cannot be combed. Brushes, elastic wire brushes and long and sparse metal combs are used together to groom long-haired dogs.
Three, the matters needing attention when combing
First, you should use special equipment when combing hair, and do not use human combs and brushes. The usage of the iron comb is to hold the back of the comb with your hand, swing it gently with your wrist, comb horizontally, and use the comb with thick, medium, and fine meshes alternately. The usage of the comb is the power of the wrist, the brush has many teeth and meshes. When combing, lift the hair with one hand, and then brush the other part.
Second, the movements should be gentle and meticulous when combing the hair, not rough and rough, otherwise the dog will be painful. Be especially careful when combing the coat near sensitive parts (such as the external genitalia).
Third, pay attention to the dog’s skin. Clean pink is good. If it appears red or has eczema, there may be parasites, skin diseases, allergies, etc., and it should be treated in time.
Fourth, if parasites such as fleas and lice are found, they should be promptly wiped with a thin wire brush or treated with insecticides.
Fifth, when the dog’s coat is seriously contaminated, hair conditioner (1000 times diluted) and baby powder should be used in conjunction with grooming.
Sixth, before combing the coat, if you can wipe the dog’s body with a towel soaked in hot water, the coat will be brighter.
Seventh, for dogs with severe tangles of fine hair (undercoat), comb or wire brush should be used along the direction of hair growth, starting from the tip of the hair, and then to the root of the hair, step by step, and do not comb hard. Pull so as not to cause pain and pluck the hair. If the felting is serious, use scissors to cut the felt in the direction of the hair dryer, and then comb it. If it still cannot be combed, you can cut off the felt part and wait for the new hair to gradually grow out. However, for French bulldogs, knotting is rare, and combing the coat is relatively easy compared to other long-haired dogs.

Feeding points for French bulldogs

French bulldogs are not like other pet dogs. They are weak and sickly and difficult to raise. On the contrary, bulldogs have special requirements for food in their life, especially after adulthood. The ideal diet should be dog food and homemade food. Coupled with feeding, this can meet their daily life needs.
Feeding points
is generally in addition to dog food, supplemented with meat, calcium, protein and other nutrients. Ingenious owners can try to make a sumptuous dinner for their own cattle every day. It is a mixed food mainly composed of some carbohydrates, meat, calcium, vegetables, etc. The dogs and babies must be especially looking forward to the arrival of the dinner every day.
Kabi is better now for dog food, (the top ten best dog food in the United States, all natural, about 500 for 15KG), the crown energy is also very good, the long skeleton is good, and it is cheaper than the bika. Other cheaper mid-range dog food is also possible, try not to buy low-end food, nutrition and safety are difficult to guarantee.
In addition to dog food, vitamins and calcium are also needed. For calcium, liquid calcium is the best, calcium powder is the second, and calcium tablets have the worst absorption. The most important thing for calcium is absorption. If the absorption is not good, it is useless. British cattle must pay attention to calcium supplementation, especially for calves 8 months ago. Recommend calcium stomach energy and development treasure (about half a spoon each time). Regarding nutrition, dog food, food or medicine. If you can’t buy it, you can buy it online, such as Taobao, Boqi, etc. Buying online requires buying from reputable buyers with star ratings. Nourishment products can be bought randomly, try not to give dogs cannibal nutrition products, the nutrient content is not the same. For example, human calcium, the calcium to phosphorus ratio of humans and dogs are different, which can affect the absorption effect.
Kabi is recommended for dog food. You can buy a small package first and mix it with the dog food you will feed in the future. At the beginning, you have more carbs, and you will have less dog food in the future, and gradually change to the dog food in the future within 1 week to 10 days. Feed 4 times a day for 2-3 months, and it is best to soak softly before feeding. 3 times a day for 3-5 months and 2 times a day for 5-12 months. One year old and above can be used once a day.
It is recommended that you can mix some meat and a small amount of carrots in the dog food at ordinary times (must be cooked and crisp), and you can feed egg yolks when the dog has loose stools (dogs under 5 months are best not to eat protein, which is not good for digestion). Eat chicken liver every few days (don’t feed too much at one time, it will be poisoned by vitamin A). Do not feed milk, the puppy will have diarrhea. Those who are 4.5 months old can be fed yogurt to aid digestion. You can feed some bone broth (using pigs or large tube bones from cows and sheep). It is forbidden to feed chicken and duck bones (very hard, easy to pierce the esophagus, cause bleeding or suffocation), food for humans (too salty for dogs, which will affect the development of bones and hair), and chocolate and coffee products are prohibited. Do not feed anything that is irritating anyway. In summer, you can’t feed too many popsicles. The temperature of your dog’s stomach is very high, and the contrast between hot and cold is great. No matter how good the dog is, it cannot withstand such a toss. Therefore, a reasonable match is recommended when feeding bulldogs.

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