How do you make a West Highland white Terrier behave?

“Want the dog to be good, the owner needs to pay more attention, from the animal’s thinking to consider the problem, whether it is emotional, or eating and drinking and washing aspects, the owner needs to understand certain methods.”

Now more and more XiaoKangHua, human life would pursue after meet the basic needs of spiritual demand, a dog is a very satisfy the spiritual needs of pleasure, however large breed bad to care, whether daily feeding or slipped out and look after all the trouble of many, in contrast, small dogs are easy to raise, not only raised the cost is low, You don’t have to worry about it hurting or scaring people. In small dogs, the West Highland White Terrier is a more pleasing one, but because of the day love to play, so often have naughty behavior in daily life, also because they are a kind of not too conscious of the dog, so the owner needs to train it from childhood, so how to make the West Highland white terrier good?

1.Foster a relationship between the Lord and the dog

Basically all the puppy dog to a new home will be so nervous, it is difficult to talk with people close to, because for them, this is a not familiar with the new environment, animals will be vigilant to the new environment and tension, this is where the host is developed, does not need to spend too long at this stage, basic can be a day, master need to pick a time to focus on getting along with your dog, You can help your dog relax by talking quietly to him or her when he is nervous, comforting him or her, holding his favorite food, or playing him or her soothing or cheerful music.

2.Training West Highland White Terriers

Keep a pet is the most annoying on the toilet, if not timely to cultivate the habit of go to the toilet, can you go home to see is a tuo poop in sofa Angle or a puddle on the floor yellow liquid, usually a month or two big dog hasn’t been fully developed, so will not understand the intention of the owner, proposal started training at 3 months old, the first watch dogs generally what time go to the toilet, After understanding the law, set up in the home a place where dogs go to the toilet after don’t touch, can forecast the dog dog go to the toilet of time, at that time guide dogs in the place such as toilet, can be used during inducers, try to get the place with the smell of dog urine or feces, second reward after using the bathroom, time is long, The dog will be familiar with this place and know that it is a good place to go to the bathroom. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed at first, it will take some time for the dog to get used to it.

3.Correct your dog’s wrong behavior

Dogs are very naughty, especially the west highland white terrier type this dog, love to play and do not consciously, master should immediately criticized it when it do the wrong thing, not every sermon again for a period of time, such as garbage can, master the beginning to scare it, let it know do the host will be angry, if it again, the owner will hit it can be mild, after a few times, The West Highland White Terrier will have this awareness and will behave better.


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