How do you train Rowena to be docile? Give it plenty of love and care!

“Rowena had a strong sense of alertness and a strong wariness of strangers. But for the breeders, as long as the breeders are attentive to Rowena, give him plenty of love and care, and spend time with him. Rowena will be very docile and super clingy.”

Rowena seems to be a tough dog, even at a distance. But as long as there is a Rottweiler, you can also feel the strong momentum of the Rottweiler. This is rare in dogs. Its intelligence is well developed. It’s very intelligent. Running fast, flexible body, so the price is relatively high. He helps his master guard his herds and flocks. Some Rowena are not very docile, so how do you train Rowena docile?

1.To make Rowena feel safe enough

To bring the Rottweiler home, the dog can’t help but panic. Because in a completely unfamiliar environment, it’s normal to be overwhelmed. This is the time to let Rowena settle in. Let him have the freedom to get to know the home. When it’s time to eat, give it delicious food. At first, Rowena may appear defensive and not at all breeder friendly. But after a few days, the rottweiler gets used to the environment and lets down his guard and treats the breeder better.

2.Treat the Rottweiler

When training the dog to prepare food, to make Rowena tame, also through food. Dogs are very like to eat, if you give a strange dog delicious food. The second time you see the dog, the dog wags its tail at you in a friendly gesture. Rottweiler is also a foodie. You give it food that it likes to eat and feed it from time to time. The dog knows that the breeder cares about it and loves it. I’ll start to like you.

3.Take Rowena out to play

Dogs are like to go outdoors to run around, Rowena sports cells developed, especially like to walk outside. The breeder can take the Rowena outside to run, to train. This is because dogs of this breed are very aggressive and treat strangers with a sense of distance. So when you go for a walk, go to a small place, a wide place, do not forget to pull the dog leash. When Rowena is taken out to play, the dog will develop a bond with its breeder and become more attached to its owner.

How do you train Rowena to be docile? Give it plenty of love and care! Rowena should be treated as if he were your own child. Use love to bond. Use love to make Rowena feel safe. Care for it take care of it, play with it, train with it. Then Rowena will be gentle with you.

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