How do you train a 1-year-old Pomeranian

1 year old of commanding, training dogs need to spend more time and patience, to correct bad habits, start training immediately after familiar home environment, one to two times a day, each time not more than twenty minutes, give a dog a name before training, master basic password and gestures, training process more encouragement and praise, less dressing down.

Pomeranian dog training is a fun thing for pet owners, starting from a young age can make the dog have a sense of dependence on the owner, and develop a good lifestyle, convenient for daily feeding. However, SOME FRIENDS HAVE BECOME A DOG Pomeranian DOG TRAINING, feel VERY headache, AFTER ALL, the age is not good training, then 1 YEAR old Pomeranian dog training? Here is to take you to understand.

1. How to train Pomeranian dogs

How do you train a 1-year-old Pomeranian? Although said leung dog the best training time is three months to six months, training effect will be better, and also more easy to correct bad habits, but commanding a year old dog can be trained, but need to spoil the Lord has a better patient and spend more time and energy, so you can correct it gradually living habits, a only know the rules, A well-behaved dog.

2. Training time

A one-year-old Pomeranian does not have to wait until he is three months old like a puppy. Adult Pomeranian dogs can start training as soon as they are familiar with their home environment. The training method is no different from puppy training. Training should pay attention to the daily training time should not be too long, because too long time will make the dog lose interest in training, thereby weakening the training effect, maintain once to twice a day, each time time is not more than 20 minutes, as long as long-term maintain, naturally can produce good results.

3. Training essentials

Before training, you need to give your dog a name that is concise and easy for him to get used to. In addition, the dog should also be allowed to remember the basic gestures and passwords, which is the basic point of training. Only when the gestures and passwords are remembered can the subsequent training be successful. The setting of gestures and passwords should be as simple and clear as possible, and frequent changes should be avoided. Use more praise and encouragement, less scolding, and avoid harsh physical punishment. This behavior will only cause your dog to become nervous and alienate and fear you.

That’s how to train a 1-year-old Pomeranian dog. Have you learned? For Pomeranian dogs, whether puppy or adult, the training method is the same, the pet owners need to give more care and encouragement, keep the patient step by step training.

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