How do you train an East German shepherd

“Command the East German shepherd dog to sit down, and then hold its neck to give the command to make it not move, a few minutes each time, can gradually increase the time of not moving, the training of lying down action requires the pet master to hold the dog’s neck, and at the same time apply force to push forward in the front leg to complete the lying down action. By putting the food in front of the dog’s nose, the dog is then lured to stand, and the food is rewarded after completing the action.”

East German shepherd dogs, trained at home, learned to behave well, learn to keep the room clean, and obey the master’s words, raising more worry and effort, but also can help the master to share some affairs. To do this, good training is essential, so how do you train an East German shepherd? Here are some training methods to share with you. Let’s take a look.

1. Sit still training

How do you train an East German shepherd? When you train your dog, you start with a simple task. You tell the dog to sit, then you hold the dog down to keep it from moving, and then you tell it not to move. At the beginning of the training should not be too long, a few minutes at a time can be kept, so as to avoid boring the dog, if it is obedient to complete the training, can reward some food, while holding the dog, through the password to make the dog form a conditioned reflex.

2. Lie down

After completing the basic training, the East German Shepherd should be gradually given a longer period of time not to move. This time should be adjusted to the dog, first a few minutes, then up to five minutes, ten minutes, etc. After finishing the sitting training, you can start the training of lying down. First, command the dog to sit down, then press its neck, while placing your left hand behind the front leg, push the front leg forward by applying force to complete the lying down action. If it completes the action, give food as a reward.

3. Stand up

Next, you can learn to stand up, first order the dog to lie down, then prepare the dog’s favorite food to lure it, put the food in front of the dog’s nose, let it smell the food, and then issue the command “stand up”. When the dog successfully completes this action, you can give the food to the dog. Give verbal praise or food as a reward after each completion of the action, as long as repeated many times, it will be able to learn.

So that’s how to train an East German shepherd. Have you learned? When training East German shepherd dogs, it is necessary to start from the basic movements. Only after the training of basic movements is completed, the subsequent advanced training can be carried out better. The dog should be encouraged and rewarded more to improve its training interest.

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