How do you train a dog to go up and down stairs

“Training dogs up and down the stairs, can induce the stairs by means of food, the dog dog only looking at food easily up the stairs, down the stairs training using the same food, need to master took the dog two front legs, through the center of gravity aided by stairs, each of the next step to give encouragement, can also use food as a reward, improve the interest in dog training.”

How do you train a dog to go up and down stairs? If you want to train your dog to go up and down stairs, you need to repeatedly train the pet owner through appropriate training methods, so that you can achieve the desired results. About the dog up and down the stairs of training methods, many friends are not familiar with this, here is to share with you the relevant methods, to understand together.

1.Food lures up the stairs

How about training dogs up and down the stairs, pet master can pass food to lure the dog dog up the stairs, this is also the most effective way, in general as long as the dog dog favorite food as a temptation, success will soon be able to let the dog dog on the stairs, because look at food, when up to a breath can finish up the stairs, However, the training of walking down stairs requires other methods. After all, walking down stairs is not so easy.

2.Food enticed them down the stairs

If you want to train your dog to go down stairs, you can still use food as a lure, but the specific training method is a little different from going up stairs, and this method can be very effective for some dogs at an early age. Pet owners can put their dog’s favorite treats in some low places, and then use the food to lure the dog down the stairs, but it is still important to pay attention to the dog’s safety, help it step by step down the stairs.

3. Stair training

During training, we should avoid pulling one leg to help the dog down the stairs, as this tends to throw the dog off balance and make it difficult to get him to the next step. The owner should hold the dog’s front legs with both hands at the same time. By holding the dog down at the same time, the dog can move to the next step through the center. As long as the owner has a steady hand, the dog will not be afraid.

4. Constant encouragement

Every time the dog goes down a step, it needs to rest for a short time, and this process also needs the owner to encourage it. You can also choose to give the dog some favorite food at each step. In this way, the dog will be motivated to learn to go down the stairs, and the learning speed will be faster. As long as in the relatively low place to practice a few times, and then gradually to the high place to practice, soon can be skilled.

That’s how to train a dog to go up and down stairs. Have you learned? In fact, it takes a long time for a dog to learn how to walk up and down stairs, so that it can develop a fixed behavior and truly master the stairs.

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