What is the Labrador dog cage training method?

“There are many good things about Labradors. They are kind, intelligent and loyal to their owners. If through simple training, can be obedient in and out of the dog cage, sleep in the dog cage, Labrador will be more attractive. The Labrador cage training method, which is induced by food, works very well.”

Some dog owners have such trouble, why other people’s Labradors can obediently stay in the dog cage? While the family dog doesn’t have the habit of staying in the cage? The reason is that other people’s dogs have been cage-trained since childhood. What is the Labrador dog cage training method?

1.Labrador cage training methods are induced by food

It’s better for Labradors to start training when they’re young. During Labrador meal times, food such as jerky ham is placed in the cage. When the dog is hungry, he wants to eat, but he is worried when he sees the cage. When you’re around, you need to encourage the Labrador. Pat him on the back, reach into the cage with your other hand and hold the jerky for the Labrador to eat. The Labrador carefully got into the cage, and then put the food in the cage for the Labrador to eat. Then he goes on patting the Labrador on the back, telling him not to be afraid, that it’s safe. Although the Labrador does not understand the language, the tone of the speaker is encouraging and comforting it, and the Labrador can feel it. Then he waits quietly for the Labrador to finish eating before coming out. At short intervals, the cage is filled with tasty treats for the Labrador to eat. After three or four sessions, the Labrador becomes familiar with the environment in the cage.

2.Began to close the crate door and the owner left

When the Labrador is able to eat in the cage without concern, the owner can quietly close the door to the dog’s cage. When the dog has finished eating, it will sit quietly in its cage for a while. The time should not be too long. If you leave the cage door closed too long at the beginning of the exercise, the dog will get scared and irritable. So three or four times, from short to long. If the Labrador stays in the cage and doesn’t rush, praise the Labrador. Labrador’s intelligence is high and his owner gives him enough security that he will soon learn to move freely in and out of his cage. At night, when they sleep, or when guests come, Labrador is free to stay in the dog’s cage and sleep peacefully. What a lovely dog!

What is the Labrador dog cage training method? In summary, the Labrador is given food to induce free access to the dog cage. Once a Labrador is used to being in a dog cage, he finds it a very safe place and loves it as a separate space.

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