How do you train a golden retriever to laugh

“Training golden retriever dog smile, it is necessary to make it happy, keep loving communication and get along with, spoil the Lord set a good example to keep the teeth smile, let the dog dog to imitate smile action, can use the thumb and index finger to push the dog up on both sides of the upper lip, auxiliary smile finish, keep enough patience, avoid scold and punishment, after completing action to give a food reward.”

Many friends do not know, in fact, golden hair will smile, and as long as after a long time of training, the dog learn to smile is not difficult, soon can master, as long as repeated adhere to the training method. So, how do you train a golden retriever to laugh? Here’s a look at the relevant training methods.

1. Communicate lovingly

How do you train a golden retriever to laugh? If you want the golden retriever to learn to smile, you must first make the dog feel happy. Only by making the dog feel happy can you learn to smile. After all, how can you keep smiling if you don’t feel happy? For pet owners, it is important to make the dog happy in daily life, and to spend more time with the dog in a loving way, conversation and communication, which is the basis for the dog to learn to smile.

2. Smile by example

In the process of training a dog, so the Lord will lead by example, which is at the time of interaction between themselves need to smile, to note here to avoid toothy smile, because of the escape of teeth later, for the dog may think that you are in anger, or want to attack it, the smile is out of the teeth, such ability can attract the dog dog to imitate the appearance of your smile.

3. Help complete the smile

To train a golden retriever to smile, the pet owner needs to help him smile by gently pushing up the sides of the dog’s upper lip with his thumb and forefinger, so that the dog’s teeth are exposed. After several repetitions, the dog can learn to smile. When your dog is done smiling, be sure to encourage him, praise him for a good job, offer him a treat at the end of the training, and repeat the process several times.

4. Be patient

Speed of dogs learn to smile, mainly depends on its ability to learn, specific time owing to the different dog, every dog learning speed is not the same, in short pet mainly in the process of training to keep enough patience, at the same time to avoid punishment and reprimanded dogs, should be a multi-purpose food and verbal praise praise, let the dogs which are interested in learning to smile, So that it can learn more quickly.

So that’s how to train a golden retriever to smile. Have you learned? In fact, it is not difficult for dogs to learn to smile. As long as they keep on repeating the training, they will soon be able to master the skill of smiling.

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