How do you train a golden retriever to carry

“Golden retriever things need to be used to mouth items, until there is no force can’t spit it out, then training dogs biting things followed master around, then training items, and the name of the golden retriever memory affinity, after password specified items, can be actively search for items not in front of the last training, actively looking for get back to his master.”

How do you train a golden retriever to carry? Golden hair as a high IQ, suitable for training dogs, many pet owners want to train golden hair master to take things this skill, but for how to carry out training, is still not clear, here and you share the relevant training methods, a look at how to let the golden hair listen to the command to take things.

1.Get used to what’s in your mouth

How do you train a golden retriever to carry? First of all, the golden Retriever needs to get used to having something in his mouth until he gets used to having something in his mouth and doesn’t need to force it or spit it out. Here, the object should not be too big, and it is important to keep it under control. At this time, the owner needs to set a password, the purpose is to let the golden retriever know what to hold, if the dog wants to spit it out, then this time to issue a command to prohibit this behavior, let it know that it is not allowed to spit out before the command.

2. Walking and object memory training

When the completion of the training of not free to spit things, it needs to be trained to carry things around with the owner. In this process, attention should be paid to the obedience of the golden hair. It needs to learn to bite the things in its mouth, and is willing to follow the owner around all the time. If you have been used to carrying things around, you can begin to let the golden fur learn to identify the owner wants it to pick up what items, so here to begin to train it to understand the relationship between the items and the name, when the owner said the newspaper, it should know what the newspaper is.

3. Object search training

When after the completion of several steps, golden retriever can diao since some items specified by a command from the host, the next training dogs to search an item, that is to say, even if the item is not in the front, but can be by master password, and to search for the item, until find active branch back to the host, as long as the skilled after this step, Golden hair basically can be out of the division, has completed the training of taking things.

The above is about how to train the golden retriever to take things, have you learned? As long as the above steps to complete the basic training, and each step repeated several times, then the golden retriever will soon be able to master the training of the object, after each completion of the reward in time, so as to enhance the dog’s interest in the object.

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