How do you train a Husky to house watch? All it takes is two simple steps

“This year, more and more people are keeping huskies, because they can add fun to the ordinary life. Husky is trained to watch over the house, first let the husky learn to complete the password action, and then through the careful training of the master, can become the master watch over the house to protect the small assistant.”

Known as Erha, this breed of dog has made it known through online videos that Husky style is very special. Husky owners are also patient and loving people. Having such a cute dog makes life so much more interesting. Husky can watch the house, this need owner after careful guidance. So how do you train a husky to house sit?

1. Train the Husky to bark and bite

Husky looks cold, but inside is a gentle child. If you stand there from a distance, you have a kind of kinglike demeanor. But the Husky’s movements often reveal that it is very down to earth and very friendly to humans. The master went to work, husky is afraid of loneliness, will be lively and active. To train a husky to watch over a house, the owner must first train the dog to bark at the command “bark” and “bite.” When issuing these two commands, the master should speak clearly. Keep the password simple and do not change it.

2. Invite strangers into your home as actors

The Husky learns to do the two commands above, and then invites a stranger into the house whom the dog does not know. As soon as the stranger came into the house, he pretended not to see the husky and marched straight inside. Then the master commands the Husky to “bark.” The Husky barked, and the stranger pretended not to hear him, and continued to wander about the house without scrupling. At this point, the owner orders the husky to go up to the “bite”, but it is important to note that when training the husky to “bite”, do not let the husky bite the human flesh, just bite the human clothes, and tear back. Then the husky will bite the stranger’s clothes when he hears the order. The stranger pretended to be scared and ran away. In order to strengthen the awareness of husky house, owners can occasionally invite husky, do not know people to the home for such training. After a few repetitions, the husky will have the sense to watch over the house, and at night, will become vigilant. To prevent thieves from entering the house.

How do you train a Husky to house watch? Just need a simple training, these two steps, Husky can have the ability to watch home. The husky would change his playful style and become the family’s bodyguard. During training, the owner should make sure that there is a clear reward and punishment for the husky, so that when working, the husky will be more serious and responsible.


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