What is a 7-month-old husky trained to pee in the bathroom?

“Huskies are often associated with breaking down homes. In the pet section of the video, husky is often seen in a spectacular scene after dismantling his home. Oddly enough, every husky owner doesn’t punish the dog for tearing the house down. It turns out that huskies are usually so well-behaved that their owners can accept their mistakes. As long as the husky has been trained since childhood, it is very clever. Not only can not tear down the house, but also can watch the house.”

Huskies are beautiful, well-groomed and clean dogs. Huskies don’t like to defecate in public, but if they have just arrived in a new home and don’t know where to go to the bathroom regularly, they will be confused and find a place to defecate. Huskies go to the bathroom to relieve themselves, which requires training and guidance from their owners. So, what’s a seven-month-old husky trained to pee in the bathroom?

1. Let the Husky smell himself

Huskies are fragile at heart and don’t like to be in unfamiliar environments. The same goes for urine and feces. If you bring home a seven-month-old husky, teach him to pee in the bathroom. Start by familiarizing him with his new home. Then the owner also watches how the husky reacts when he wants to relieve himself, such as sniffing around and looking for a place to relieve himself. At this point, the owner can carry the husky to the bathroom to relieve himself. And then reward the husky with a snack. Don’t flush your husky pee right away. Cover it with newspaper to get the smell on the newspaper. Leave it there for a few days. Then when the husky wants to go to the bathroom, he takes the husky to the place where he used to pee. The husky’s scent is retained for a few days until it gets the hang of it and is disposed of in a designated place to relieve itself. After a few repetitions of training, the husky is rewarded with snacks to relieve himself in the bathroom.

2. Develop a husky who defecates on time

Husky morning defecation contributes to the health of the body, as the owner, it is the responsibility of the husky to develop a good habit of morning defecation. Morning defecation, the host can take care of at home, let the bathroom keep clean. Owners who teach their dogs to flush themselves must be very patient and resourceful. When training the dog to go to the bathroom to relieve oneself, some dogs have been trained once or twice, but still do not learn, please remember not to scold and hit it. Carefully guide the husky, learn a few times will be able to.

What is a seven-month-old husky trained to pee in the bathroom? The method provided above is relatively simple, if you want to know more about dogs, please continue to pay attention to this website.


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