How do you train Teddy to catch mice

“Teddy capture prey is a kind of nature, in the three months later start auxiliary training, after mastering basic behavioral essentials, mice can be ready to tie the rope toys simulation true mice, induced by food teddy complete simulation capture training, skilled preparation after closed environment into mice, let teddy to hunting, after successful capture food as a reward.”

I believe that many friends have seen the news of Teddy catching mice on the Internet, which is not a new thing, Teddy is a talent to catch prey, which naturally includes mice. If after some auxiliary training, Teddy’s ability to catch mice will be further improved, here is to introduce how to train Teddy to catch mice, I hope to help you, let’s take a look.

1. Training requirements

How do you train Teddy to catch mice? Generally speaking, Teddy can start the training of catching mice after he is three months old, because Teddy at this time has developed to a certain extent, is not easy to get injured, and is more easy to accept new things, and has strong learning ability, which is very suitable for starting relevant training. Before training, Teddy also needs to master some basic commands and gestures, movement essentials, etc., so that it is convenient to carry out subsequent training.

2. Catch mice to assist training

Before training Teddy to catch mice, you can prepare some props as auxiliary training. For example, after buying some mouse toys and tying the rope, you can do an auxiliary training with Teddy at home. By constantly dragging the mouse toys, you can attract Teddy’s attention and induce him to chase the mouse toys actively. If Teddy does not respond, the owner should give a command or induce TEDDY to complete the training through food. When teddy successfully catches the mouse toy, he will give praise and food as a reward in time.

3. Rat hunting training

When mice completed initial training will start formal arrest mice, can choose a closed place, had better not put any sundry, then get a little a little rat on the inside, put teddy, because dogs are all have the instinct to hunt for food, there is always a catch mice in a teddy’s interest, if after teddy captures the true mice, The owner should give verbal praise in time, and prepare Teddy’s favorite food as a reward, so that Teddy’s interest in catching the prey will be increased and the next training will be harder.

So that’s how to train Teddy to catch mice. Have you learned? In fact, Teddy can catch mice without any training, but after auxiliary training, can help Teddy adapt and speed up the process, interested friends may wish to try.

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