How to train a German shepherd

“Training on GSD bit take action, need to master the basic essentials, such as training password, gestures and basic requirements, and then tied on training rope issued a “bit” password, will develop items to the owner, issued a “vomit” password will spit it out, free bit training need to unlock the traction rope, let its active bit take goods, make the action after the reward.”

For German shepherds, picking is a natural instinct that can be traced even to the pre-domesticated past. For dogs, the bit is an instinct, but want to awaken this instinct, and deepen the mastery, or need to go through certain training methods, so how to train the German shepherd bit? I believe it is also the concern of many friends. Let’s take you to understand it.

1. Master the basics

How to train a German shepherd? First of all, the GSD needs to have mastered certain basic principles before starting training. For example, the training commands “take” and “spit” cannot be started without mastering these two commands. Next, there is the mastery of the training gesture, that is, according to the right hand pointing at the object, the trainer can know what object will be picked up. The action requirement, however, requires the dog to be able to return the specified object according to the owner’s command, while maintaining the dog’s strong desire to find the object and not destroying the object.

2. Basic snatch training

Before training, need training for the GSD tied on the rope, then tighten the rope “bit” password, after this time will let the dog go into bit take goods and bit, when done bit can guide dog training by pulling rope way back, when a dog near the password need to be sent to sit down right away, keeping a dog bit of action, When the trainer gives the word “spit”, the dog is required to spit out the object immediately. This training is repeated several times until the dog becomes proficient, representing the end of the basic stage of training.

3. Free snatch training

The second step of training is to unlock the training rope for free training, let them take the initiative to go to the designated items according to the command, when the master issued the “bit” command, according to the command to bring the items back, in front of the trainer and then take the initiative to sit down. At this time to ensure that the dog does not accept the next command before, can not spit out the item, until the master issued the “spit” command after spit out the item, after the completion of the training of the master to give rewards in time.

The above is about how to train the method of the German shepherd rank, have you learned? In fact, it is not difficult to train the German Shepherd, after all, the nature of the more intelligent, as long as repeated several times after the training will be able to complete the movement of the training.

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