How do you train your dog not to lick?

“When a dog licks a person’s hands and face, it shows special affection for that person. But some people can’t accept the dog’s enthusiasm, especially girls. So correct your dog’s habits. When the dog is young, it should be gently snapped or scolded a few times. The dog will know that the behavior is bad and will not repeat it.”

If you haven’t seen your master for a long time, your master will be very happy as soon as he comes home. Some dogs love to lick people. Small puppies like this, will let a person feel some lovely lovely, but adult dogs often like to lick people, then let a person disgusted. For example, when a guest comes to the house, the dog will be very enthusiastic when someone comes. If he licks the guest’s hand, the guest may be scared. So how do you train a dog not to lick?

1. Get into the habit of not licking at a young age

Dogs lick, though, as a way of expressing enthusiasm. But this enthusiastic approach is confusing. When the dog is small, the owner should let him form the good habit of not licking people. When the puppy licks the owner’s hand, the owner pulls it back. Then yell at the dog to stop it. A few times, the dog will understand that such behavior is not allowed. Some dogs like to hug the owner lick the owner’s face, the owner should look away, and then scold it. Then squat down and touch the dog’s head. The scolding here is not a loud scolding, but the appropriate tone of voice is a little heavier.

2. Distract your dog

When a dog licks a person’s hand or face, it shows affection for that person. So don’t be surprised to get licked. Another way to train a dog not to lick is to distract it. When the dog is licking, give the dog a bone, or give him a toy. Some people tell their dog to sit down and not move when the dog immediately starts to lick. The dog obediently stopped moving.

3. Pay attention to language and intonation

Dogs are spiritual and can understand their owners very well. To keep him from licking, he can do it with simple training. So when training them, owners need to pay attention to language and intonation. Don’t be too hard on them, too loud. If the master is too strict with them, the dog will become timid and afraid of the master. Dogs have emotions, too, and unhappiness can affect your dog’s health.

How do you train your dog not to lick? Timely and appropriate whisper, this method is better. It takes a little training to stop a dog from licking. If the dog is older, it takes a few more training sessions to break the habit.

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