How do you train a dog to sleep in a bed?

“Golden retriever berth in training, we first need to sleep for them to prepare a suitable for their comfortable bed, second is our best to develop their berth since childhood, for example if we see them nod off, can they reported their little bed, had better be put in their small bed, a taste of clothes with a host, That way they’ll feel better.”

We take the dogs home at first time, the dog dog in the evening is usually like to follow we sleep together, if we sleep on the sofa, they will sleep on the sofa, if we sleep in the bedroom, they also follow we slept in the bedroom, but for the dog is not a very good living habits, we should train them since childhood sleep in their bed, This can be a tricky problem for dog owners who don’t know how to train their dogs to sleep on the bed, so here are a few ways to do it. If you still don’t know how to train a dog to sleep in a bed, then this article can help you.

1.Get them a cozy little bed

How do you train a dog to sleep in a bed?We want to train our dogs to go to bed, so first we need to give them to prepare a comfortable small bed, if their small bed and messy and dirty, so don’t say we see dejected, the dog dog also will from the heart to resist, only their small bed is soft and comfortable, dogs to sleep comfortably, then this is the first step on the train them berth.

2.Since the childhood training

If we want to train dogs to go to bed, we must start from the early age, because young is the best time for habit formation and character formation, only if they are trained to go to bed, then they will develop a good habit of going to bed.

3.Put them to bed when they’re sleepy

If we are unable to command the dog dog to go to bed, then when we were at the start of training a dog to go to bed can while they feel sleepy, napping held them to bed, so every time when they stuck to the bed, and over time the dogs know that’s where they sleep, at the time of training a dog to go to bed, We can also put a piece of our owner’s clothing on their crib, so that the dog will feel more at ease, just like we are with him.

How do you train a dog to sleep in a bed? I’m sure you know how to put your golden retriever to bed after reading the above article. In a word, we should train them from a young age, so that the effect will be better.

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