How does Dogo train for three months

“Dogos dog is also a lot of shovel excrement officers dog, believes that many owners are also on the breed dogs are great, the choice of dogos dog as the Spanish people fighting dogs, is also a strong combat effectiveness of the hound, if in our family, how to train, how can you make it adapt to the gentle character, training is necessary, using the method of training, you know?”

Dogs have now become a member of our family, is each shovel excrement officer of the company, also is the children’s best friend, so how to choose the breed of dogs and dogs for training, these problems are often plagued by many officers shovel excrement, today this phase content, believe that after you finish reading, for dog training has a certain understanding.

1.The life habits of a Dogo

Although it is a fighting dog, actually it’s personality is very lively, loyal, friendly, but for his occupation is also very strong, constantly fight with other dog, to satisfy his lust for occupation, to defend their territory, intelligent, quiet, the audacity of appearance, or for outside city breeding, such as the pastoral areas, such as farm site breeding.

2.Are Dogos easy to train

The DOG OF BREED OF THIS KIND OF HOUND DOG, IF DO NOT HAVE TIMELY TRAINING GOOD, STILL DO NOT PUT EASILY IN THE CITY, RAISE IN THE HOME, OF COURSE EVERYBODY SHOVEL EXCREMENT OFFICIAL ALSO CAN TRAIN SCIENTIFICALLY, PERHAPS TAKE RAISE OUTSIDE THE CITY. Do high dog good training, believe this question, a lot of shovel excrement official are very want to know the answer. In fact, the Dogo dog is very smart, if you want to train it, it is very simple, as long as you use the right method.

3.How to train a highly trained dog in three months

Did you know that Dogos can be trained without safety in three months? Training IT TO master the method and key points, before we shovel EXCREMENT OFFICER training must prevent DOGO dog for territory possession and other small animals fight, SO we must WATCH. Three months of training is a must if a Dogo is to be taken to a farm or ranch.

1. The first month we can make it completely adapt to the environment, the site, from the puppy to begin to cultivate the habit of pulling rope, and to begin to password it.

2. In the second month, use other objects to train his excitement, to pick up and bite.

3. In the third month, it can complete the consciousness of biting objects independently, exercise its command attendants and fight for objects at a greater distance.

Above, is our content of this period, let DU Gao dog can better develop its breed characteristics outside the city, for different things can better face the slogan to make the corresponding action, the content of this period believe to you shovel excrement officer brought the different Du Gao dog training knowledge.

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