How is a husky trained to sleep in a kennel?

“Huskies for many people is a difficult training dogs, because they are usually think husky is not clever, but in fact train huskies if I sleep in the kennel is relatively simple, we only need the huskies nod off, put them into the doghouse, and put in the kennel master smell on clothes, time is long will get used to sleeping dog kennel dogs. Note that when we train them to sleep in the kennel, they must be raised from a young age.”

When we were talking, the husky, believe that the mind has a husky dumb ‘be silly picture, husky as a member of the sled three silly, their funny video has been popular in recent years, all the video software, we’ve heard such a story in the past, that’s when police use dogs, the dog is generally not considered huskies, Because cops often think that with husky intelligence, they’re more likely to make common cause with their enemies than to help them solve crimes. For the huskies rumors, a lot of people will find it very difficult to train huskies, although we can’t train them to do some task more difficult action, but the train huskies sleep in the doghouse or easier, if you still don’t know how to train huskies to sleep in the doghouse, so let me take you to understand it.

1.Start training at a young age

How is a husky trained to sleep in a kennel? We want to train huskies to sleep in the doghouse, is to start training in the childhood, from husky puppies when more than two months to four months is about to start training they sleep in the doghouse, although this time, the husky and lively, but also very sleepy, we can observe them if they don’t sleep in the doghouse, We can take them to the kennel when they’re sleepy and napping.

2.Put clothes in the kennel that smell like the chief

Some dogs are very dependent on the host, they will choose not to sleep in the master side sleeping dog kennel, so this time we will be in the doghouse put some smell clothes with our master, and then go to the doghouse guide dogs to sleep, or we can train them at first time sitting next to them with their sleep, This is a very useful way to train a husky to sleep in the kennel.

I have given you an inventory of the content of “how to train husky to sleep” in the above article. Finally, I wish everyone can successfully train their husky to sleep in the kennel, and sincerely pray for everyone who raises husky, and pray that their home will not be torn down by them!

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