Lesson of the Day – How to train a Cathero puppy to guard?

“Kaslo puppy is a kind of puppy that is very popular with people. Users can cultivate deeper feelings with dogs since they are young. At the same time, how to train Kaslo puppy guards is also a difficult problem for many people.”

As we all know, dogs should be raised from the moment they are born, so that dogs can have feelings. I believe this is the experience of many friends in raising dogs. And many large dogs should be accompanied and trained from childhood, so that they can listen to our words when they grow up, so as not to appear rebellious phenomenon. So the question is, the Kaslo puppy is a dog that many people like, many people start to raise the Kaslo puppy when they are young, which makes the Kaslo puppy so listen to the owner when they grow up, so the question is how should we train the Kaslo puppy in daily life?

First, to develop a dog’s sense of protection:

Many dogs will have a strong sense of main protection, is the root of dogs and people have deep feelings, then the problem is coming, if you are not a dog, the dog is not going to do our best to protect you, so in order to get the trust of the dog, we’ll be good to as puppies in common points, as is a spiritual spaniel puppy, Historically very prudent people’s heart, what do you think of his good and bad for him, he could tell at a glance, so when Mr. Luo puppy, we must be great to accompany it, grew up with it, so that it will treat you like a good brother, good father, good mother, so we must be good to him, the dog’s life is to accompany in our side, But he spends most of his time at home waiting for us to come home and play with her.

Second, we need to make Kaslo puppies brave from an early age:

Mr. Luo is a spaniel puppy, once he fierce can tear a lot of things, so as we want to mom and dad has taught as puppies learn how to be brave, and gave him the right through, a lot of friends all say, oneself often encountered by other pets barking, abandon the dog vigilance, if we are some stray dogs for no apparent reason, Pet dogs bark, because we are human, they may be a little bit afraid, if our Kaslo puppy is bullied, it will be bullied, so we must make the Kaslo puppy from a young age to be very confident, not afraid of other people.

After listening to Xiaobian on the training of Kaslo puppies, I believe that you must have mastered a certain trick! A dog is a good friend for life. He will give you all his love, so love him well.

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