How long does dog rabies vaccine hit better?

“Dog friends, may be more understanding of rabies vaccine knowledge, dogs need to play rabies vaccine regularly, in dogs or puppies, three months of the time you need to vaccinate rabies vaccine, after three shots can be vaccinated once a year.”

Dog owners are more now, because the dog is in people’s life has a very important role, is everyone’s good friend, is also a lot of people, of course, the fun of work, so have a dog, you still need to pay attention to the prevention, the rabies vaccine is to give the dog dog play regularly, then how long will take a look at the dog rabies vaccine to play better?

1. Rabies vaccine for dogs

Because after all, dog is an animal, is in her body contain a virus, so it must be timely make wild dog vaccine to them, this can prevent concurrent, but also for their own safety, and wild dog vaccine, now we have four domestic league, there are six league, but now people tend to choose six vaccine, Since it may unite the vaccine more bigger, in general, when the puppy three months can be the first needle rabies vaccine, then after this try not to let the dog out half a month, because this effective vaccine will be half a month, go out may be more trouble, there is a problem, can be connected to three injection of rabies vaccine, After that, you can get vaccinated once a year. You must remember the cycle of vaccination and cannot miss it. As dog owners, you are obliged to do these things for them.

2. The price of vaccines

Actually hit wild dog vaccine is now very common things, as long as it is a dog, regularly take a dog to make wild dog vaccine, so vaccinated as has been said above, there are four and six, but now most people choose six league, and unite the vaccine is also have different price, the price of imported and domestic, relatively speaking, Imported vaccines will be a little bit more expensive, in about 120 bucks a second homebred vaccine in 80 yuan or so, as to which one, or personal choice depends on everybody, just imported vaccines, relatively maintain time will be longer, but you know, even the maintain time again for a long time, you still want to go to play once a year, So you can choose according to your own economic situation and personal actual situation. This is the introduction of vaccine price.

The above is the dog how often to play rabies vaccine is better answer to this question, as a dog shovel excretion officer, we must pay close attention to the dog trend, especially rabies vaccine, this problem to go to the dog on time, that is, for the dog’s health, but also to protect their own safety, It is to be able to create a relatively safe and harmonious living environment for the people around.

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