How to raise a month old dog

“Compared to other pets, local dogs seem to be easier to keep because their living conditions are not particularly demanding, as long as we pay more attention to their diet, disease prevention and living conditions.”

Although the local dog has a strong immunity, but just born a month of the local dog it is not very perfect in all aspects, must be in the right environment for vaccination, next to give you say, a month of small local dog how to raise?

1.Insect repellent

How to raise a small soil dog for a month, we need to do is to repel insects, although the small soil dog does not have certain immunity, but it can not completely resist diseases and pests. Therefore, in order for them to grow healthily and smoothly, they must be dewormed as soon as possible after they have adapted to the surrounding environment. If necessary, they can also be vaccinated according to the doctor’s instructions.

How about a month old coyote? We must pay attention to his diet. Under normal circumstances, this time of the dog it has not been weaned, but for the small dog you weaned him also no big deal, but can not feed them to eat some solid food, so we can feed him some sheep’s milk or other dogs eat milk powder, and then brew into milk for it to drink on the line.

3.Living environment

The small local dog seems to be less pretentious than our pet dogs. It does not need to buy something from the shop to build the kennel, and then decorate it beautifully. On the contrary, it can grow very well in less good conditions. Its kennel is simple, as long as a paper box on the line, do not have to build a beautiful kennel. However, we still need to consider the weather. If the temperature outside is relatively high, the carton must be well ventilated to avoid heat stroke. If the temperature is relatively low, we can put some thick clothes we don’t need on the bottom of the carton, so that they will not be cold and then catch cold.

How to raise a month old dog? Finally, it is important to wash your dog quickly when the temperature is low, even if you use hot water, he will still feel a little cold. So during the bathing process, you need to sprinkle water on it almost every few seconds. If you don’t do this, you can definitely feel its body shaking. When you’re out of the shower, wipe off any excess water with a wet towel, then use a dry towel, and finally use a hair dryer to dry all the water. In the process of using the hair dryer can not pay attention to shorten the time, and the hair dryer sufficiently close to the dog, so that they will be scalded ah.


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