How often are dogs dewormed? What should I pay attention to when deworming?

All feed pet dog friends will meet in your life for a dog to insecticide such things in the body, so in the face of this problem, we will according to different age groups of dogs for insect repellent, for puppies, one to two months for an insecticide is suitable in the body, if they are adult dogs, Then every three months or so should be enough.

We have known since childhood that dogs are our most loyal good friends, with now more and more pet dogsIn our life, pet dogs can be said to occupy a large part of our life, we should not only take care of their daily food, drink and poop, but also for their physical healthDo one more responsibility, when raising a dog, we are supposed to regularly deworming the dog’s bodyOn the question of how often dogs are dewormed,We also need to arrange the deworming time according to their different ages, which we will talk about nextHow often the dog is dewormed,And what should be paid attention to when deworming these problems, I hope you can get some help after reading this article.

1. How often should the dog be dewormed

We are in the face of“How often should the dog be dewormed”That’s the question,First of all, the deworming schedule should be combined with the dog’s age. If it is puppy age, then we can deworming them every one to two months or so, and if we are feeding adult dogs, we can give them a longer deworming time. Let’s say we deworm them inside every three to four to five months or so. If the dog often eats raw meat in life, then we should control it within three months to carry out a deworming for them, so as to avoid the breeding of parasites in their bodies.

2. What should I pay attention to when deworming

When we give the dog body deworming, we need to pay attention to the problem is more. First we have to chooseAnthelmintic suitable for them, because different weight, age of dogs, they eat the amount of anthelmintic medicine is also different, and during the deworming period, we are not allowed to give our pet dog a bath, and as far as possible to avoid their diet disorderPhenomenon.

After reading the above article, I believe you all know how often dogs are dewormed.This is a problem, and it is also clear that dogs should pay attention to the problems when deworming. When feeding dogs, we should try to avoid letting them eat food and raw meat outside the street, so as to avoid the risk of parasites in their bodies.

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