What little pet is easy to keep and clean?

Teddy, bichon and poodle are very popular among small dogs, because they are easy to keep and clean. We don’t need to bathe them every day, they don’t get sick often, and they have strong resistance, which saves us a lot of energy and money.

Many young people leave their hometown to go to big cities to do his own business, but their parents at home, they don’t have to accompany their children, children’s work is very busy, may be only in the big holiday will go home with their parents, like in the home, so the old man does not know the people living in the city, It is very inconvenient to go up and down the stairs, so they are also very lonely. At this time, the children will want to keep a dog to accompany them, but they are relatively old and do not have much energy to help the dog every dayDealing with things like defecation and bathing,So in view of this problem I will come to you say what small pet is easy to keep and clean?

1. Teddy

This small dog looks very cute, it is very clever, generally it is not often lost their fur, character is very gentle, will not see a stranger, it is also very love clean, we don’t need to give it a bath every day, the dog dog has self-purification ability, but it might be like bit his shoes or the sofa or something like that, If this happens, we can buy him a molar bar or a molar snack at the pet hospital,The average dog has a tooth grinding stage.

2. Bichon Frise or poodle

The two dogs, the intelligence quotient is very high, we can go to the training, let them develop good habits, such as food, don’t care not casual wears and not yell, they eat much, there is no requirement for dog food, so it’s good to raise, we also need not spend too much money in dog food, now, after all, whether it’s a natural dog food or commodity grain is not cheap, They’re also very adaptable and don’t get sick very often, Because dogs’ intestines are different from ours, they can not digest well and easily eat too much, so sometimes they often get sick. In this way, we have to take them to the hospital, which is very inconvenient, these two kinds of dogs will not have such a problem, the most important thing is that they except in the shedding season, usually do not shed, so we do not have to clean up the dog hair at home every day.

The answer above is for many friends about what small pet is easy to keep and clean, in fact, as long as we really like to keep a dog,These are not problems, you must understand before getting a dog, don’t just because the dog is not good enough to discard it oh.


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