How old is a dog?

How old is a dog? Dog’s actual life has relationship with varieties, small breeds life longer than larger dogs, one time has been fully mature, almost equivalent to a human adult, small varieties at the age of the human equivalent of 15 years old, a large variety of fourteen, along with the age growth, small varieties will gradually slow time, while large varieties will accelerate.

How old is a dog

I believe that many friends have heard of such a rumor, that is, a dog’s one year old is equivalent to the human seven years old, this theory has been circulated for a long time, many friends are convinced of this. Although, thismethods,Is passed out simple calculation conclusion, but it’s not very accurate, after the zoologist through a large number of statistics, it found the dog’s age now that in fact there is error, and everyone together to learn about the below, whether dogs aged one equivalent to how many people, hope to help you, and see it together.

1. How old is a person

How old is a dog? Now, after careful statistical analysis, zoologists have come up with a reasonable way to calculate the age of dogs, and they have found that dogs with smaller breeds tend to live longer than the average dog. Before we get into how dogs age, we need to understand the concept that dogs and people grow up at different rates, and that dogs grow up when they are youngwhenThey tend to grow very fast and then decrease as they age, so this also affects the accuracy of calculating a dog’s ageThe problem。

2. Smaller breeds live longer

Depending on the size of the dog, there are some differences, but in general, smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs. Many pet owners want to know exactly where their dog iswhatThe actual age, in fact, for the general pet dog, in the first year after birth has been a fully mature state, which is equivalent to the human 18 years old or so, at this time the dog has been able to breed the next generation. We can see that the puppy can be held at birth, but after a few months the dog has grown to a large size, and some dogs sometimes weigh more than their owners.

3. Calculate your dog’s age

In fact, the algorithm is biased. There are many dog age calculators on the Internet, which can also help pet owners quickly know their dog’s actual age. In general, when a dog is one year old, small and medium breeds are 15 years old in humans, and large breeds are 14 years old, but later in life the actual age of small breeds slows down and goes the other wayLarge dogsThe actual age of the species will accelerate.

The above is about the dog a year old equivalent to how many years old human content introduction, everyone learned? If you’re interested, try this method to calculate your dog’s age.

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