Why do few people raise silver fox dogs

Silver fox terrier, reason why very few people have actually because silver fox dog barking very much, it is easy to disturb the near neighbor, and special thick hair, a great trouble to do so, at the time of change garments according to the phenomenon of hair loss is very serious, usually very like sticking to master, go to where to all want to follow, for daily work is busy, may be some difficult to endure.

The silver fox dog is a very good-looking dog,There are also a lot of people breeding this breed of dog, but if you have a look aroundFriends, will find that in fact, the people who raise silver fox dog or very few, so why few people raise silver fox dog? In fact, every pet dog has its own advantages and disadvantages, the reason not to keep it is likely because of these disadvantages, here is to understand.

1. She likes to bark a lot

Why do few people raise silver fox dogs? In fact, now many people do not love to keep a silver fox dog, the big reason is that the dog is very fond of barking, which is undoubtedly a very troubling problem, after all, if the dog is very fond of barking, then it will undoubtedly affect the residents around, but also disturb the owner’s normalsleep,Especially in big cities, this point is to be avoided, otherwise it will cause more serious nuisance, it is easy to cause complaints, so this is also the reason why many people do not like to keep silver fox dogs.

2. Hair loss is difficult to take care of

In addition, although said silver fox dog’s hair is very beautiful, many people have silver fox dog’s why because at it hair good-looking, but the thick hair actually also has its problems, that is silver fox dog wool is better, as long as a ritual, often hair loss degree or let a person more headaches, and of silver fox dog hair care at ordinary times is more troublesome, It takes a lot of thought, so people with busy work will not choose to keep this kind of pet dog.

3. You’re very clingy

Don’t see the silver fox dog is very elegant and noble, feel like don’t like to be close to the people, actually this kind of dog is very clingy, basically is the master go, where it will follow, although there are times when the feeling is quite good, but for some more at ordinary times busy owners, is certainly feel very trouble, Because the silver fox dog is really a follower, no matter what you are doing will follow you, this feeling is very headache, and onAnd the bathroom. They’re always watching you in the bathroom.

The above is about why few people raise the content of the silver fox dog, in fact, the dog is very cute and good-looking, if you can bear these problems, raising the silver fox dog is no problem.

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