How to train a puppy not to bark

“Want to train the puppy don’t yell, I can give the dog dog chew bones, can rise to distraction, quick to quiet down, also can through the way of reprimand angrily to let the dog dog quiet, after being gradually restore calm down to touch its head, giving word of comfort and reward, maintain moderate exercise a day, increase the consumption of physical strength, and can avoid occurrence of daily behavior.”

Dogs tend to bark if they are stressed or not adapted to the current environment, which is no doubt annoying to many friends. After all, dog barking can be very noisy, it can also affect the next-door neighbors, and it can also affect the normal rest of individuals. At this time, it is necessary to train the puppy no longer disorderly barking, so how to train the puppy not disorderly barking? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Bone quiet method

How to train a puppy not to bark? If you want to keep your puppy from barking, you can give it a bone to calm down, because it is likely to be in an unfamiliar environment, or nearby people do not know, which leads to a lack of security, so it will start barking. At this time, pet owners can choose to use bones to distract the attention of puppies, because dogs are very like to chew bones, as long as the dog is very quiet, naturally can avoid noisy to others.

2. Yell and reward

In addition, can also be through the way to let the dog no longer bark, when their puppies constantly appear barking, pet owners need to loudly reprimanded, timely stop and correct it, can also choose to intimidate the dog through body language and sound, let it quiet down. When the dog is calm, the pet owner can crouch down and pet the dog’s head, comfort and calm the puppy, and can also provide a small treat as a reward.

3. Exercise moderately every day

Sometimes the puppies are often yell, largely because because of energy, when the pet master can take the dog to do exercise, increase the exercise every day after the consumption of physical strength, the dog will feel tired, each movement after all want to go home to sleep, naturally there will be no energy to yell, And through the way of exercise can also strengthen the dog’s physical exercise, for the puppy’s physical development to promote the role, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

The above is about how to train puppies not barking method, we learned? In fact, the training of puppies is not difficult, as long as you keep patience, from the beginning of the foundation of the beginning of little by little training, soon the dog will be obedient, will not randomly bark.

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