Little Golden one day training time

“Little golden retriever day training time is not suitable for too long, because of age small naughty puppy, maintain the training once or twice a day, every time the market 15 to 20 minutes, found the dog defecate indiscriminately, should timely give yelling, at the same time brought it to the correct position poo, let the dog in the home to adapt to the traction rope, taut drawing rope when going out for a walk to avoid it run around.”

Golden RetrieVER IS A KIND of docile and intelligent dog who listens to people’s words well. It is easy to train the dog. As long as the pet owner keeps good patience and keeps training repeatedly, good results can be achieved generally. How many? How should you train? Here is to take you to understand.

1.One day of training

Generally speaking, the little GOLDEN hair training time is not adapted to too long, because the golden hair when they are young are more playful, this point is like children, you let him keep a long day of learning, it is impossible. For training the little golden retriever, should comply with the short-term training methods for a long time, that is to say, every day in training, but one day, such as training time is not suitable for too long, generally keep twice a day or so, every time 15 to 20 minutes, such effect will be better, also can let a golden retriever keep interest and enthusiasm for training.

2. Poop training

About how to train your dog feces, puppies need to start, to avoid it or problems, you first need to prepare a quiet and clean place as fixed the position of the toilet, then in the dog want to bring it here to relieve poo, if it is found that the dog dog poop everywhere, need to bring it to the location of the poop, and then to scold, Then he was brought to the right place, and after repeated this many times, the dog was able to remember the correct place to relieve himself or herself.

3. Go for a walk

When training your dog to go out for a walk, be sure to remember to attach a leash. When your dog is not used to a leash, you can attach it at home and let it get used to it. When you get used to it, you can take it out for a walk. When walking, you need to tighten the lead. If you find that the dog wants to run around, immediately tighten the lead. After many times, the dog will know not to run at will.

The above is about the little golden hair day training time content introduction, for the little golden hair training needs to master an appropriate degree, the specific training every day is different from the dog, after all, every dog is not the same.

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