How to train a small poodle to shake hands?

“A lot of dogs have learned to shake hands. And it is often used in life. Train small poodles to shake hands. Train people to take the dog’s right hand and shake it. Then offer a small snack and words of encouragement. With a few cycles like this, the poodle can easily learn to shake hands.”

Poodles are intelligent and graceful, with an air of nobility. Small poodles have bright eyes, lively and alert, and are easy to get close to people. Keep a small dog around you. When you are unhappy, let it accompany you and you will feel better. Small poodles also love clean, it does not need to care about environmental hygiene. Small poodles give people a sense of manners. If you learn to shake hands, this feeling is even stronger. How to train a small poodle to shake hands?

1.Best trained as a puppy

Training small poodles is most effective when poodles are puppies. Because when the dog is small, the behavior habit has not been qualitative, the imitation ability is particularly strong. Dogs trained in this period, in the training of this road, less detours, spend less time, motor learning in place. If the miniature poodle is an adult, habits have been established. Learning new movements is more difficult and takes more time. As adults, miniature poodles are active and have little quiet time, so settling down to learn requires more guidance from their owners. So in the small poodle puppy period, it is time to seize the opportunity, good training.

2.How to train a small poodle to shake hands?

When training a dog, it is essential to prepare a dog’s favorite snack. Then put the snacks near you. The handler holds the front right foot of the poodle in his right hand and says the word “SHAKE hands” to the poodle. Then the handler takes the dog’s hand and gives it a friendly handshake and then drops it. Reward the poodle with a small treat and say “good for you”. Then repeat the above action, once or twice. Give another small snack, follow up with a compliment, and repeat. Small poodles are more polite when they sit and shake hands. Dogs that can’t sit down need to be trained to sit down and then shake hands. These movements are very simple to train a dog. The premise is to feed the dog, prepare his favorite snacks.

How to train a small poodle to shake hands? Train a miniature poodle to shake hands, even though it’s extremely simple. But because some dogs are lively and quiet, the owner also has to go through many times of guidance. To get the dog to shake hands. No matter what kind of personality a dog is, the person who trains the dog must be patient and attentive to get along well with the dog.

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