How does Pomeranian train him to get down? There’s more than one way

“Pomeranian is a kind of cute creatures, when the house guests, quietly lying on the side, do not make trouble, is extremely cute. To LET the Pomeranian learn to lie down, there are many ways, the master with the two front legs of the Pomeranian gently stretch forward, order him to lie down. Focus on getting the dog to understand the meaning of “lie down,” not the action. Because dogs are programmed to lie down. It’s easy and easy for dogs to learn.”

When we go to our friends’ houses, we often meet some large dogs. Dogs may yell when they first arrive at a friend’s house. But when a friend tells the dog to lie down, the dog will obediently find a corner and lie down. Then stay quietly in the corner, not barking. Dogs learn to lie down, there are many benefits, so how to train the Pomeranian to lie down?

1.A Pomeranian learns to lie down

A Pomeranian is an active dog that likes to jump around. Usually also like to go out to play, in the outdoor special jubilation. If a Pomeranian is to be trained to be a quiet child, the owner must be trained correctly. Pomeranian learned to lay down a lot of benefits, such as shopping in the mall, let the Pomeranian quietly stay on the side. Host CAN SET HIS MIND AT SET HIS MIND TO CHOOSE COMMODITY, NEED NOT WORRY AGAIN, GOOD MOVE BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WALK LOSE. Some people are afraid of dogs, if the Pomeranian is nearby, wait for the owner at ease, look good. Other people won’t be afraid of the dog. At home, the Pomeranian is too lively to stop moving, or to hear movement barking. At this time order Pomeranian “lie down”, such a simple consideration, everything is quiet.

2. How does Pomeranian train him to get down?

First, the owner puts a collar on the Pomeranian, and then lets him stay with the owner. The master took the food in one hand, slowly down from the Pomeranian’s eyes. At the same time, with the other hand, pull the Pomeranian’s collar down. When you bring the treat to the ground, free your hands and gently place them on your dog’s back, pressing them down. Order the dog to lie down, then push the dog’s front legs. When the dog lies down, he can get a treat. Then touch Pomeranian head, boast Pomeranian “really good”. So the dog lies on the ground.

3. Repeated training is needed in the early stage

Training a Pomeranian to lie down requires repeated training every now and then. Then he repeated the word “stay down.” When Pomeranian heard this command several times, she got the message.

How does Pomeranian train him to get down? It’s an instinct for dogs to lie down, and it takes training to get them to lie down at a certain time. Training to lie down is relatively simple, repeated several times, the dog naturally heard the command to lie down.

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