How to train a Whippet from a young age? Two sets of exercises to build core strength!

“Whippet is an excellent hunting dog. Because of his high obedience and gentle personality, he has become a favorite dog in many families and is loved by many friends. The best way to train a whippet is to start young and build speed and strength through weight resistance and elastic resistance training.”

For dogs such as Whippets, while speed is their core strength, strength is the real point to maintain that speed, so if you want a strong whippet, strength training is absolutely essential. How to train a Whippet from a young age? Two sets of exercises to build core strength!

Weight resistance training

During weight-bearing resistance training, Whippet is usually given weight-bearing running training, which aims to build muscles throughout his body. If the whippet is uncomfortable during training, you can adjust the weight and distance at any time. Therefore, for Whippet, weight-bearing resistance exercise is a very common training method, and the training effect is also very significant.

Overcome elastic resistance training

In training to overcome elastic resistance, elastic objects (such as springs and rubber bands) are often used as auxiliary props. Although the goal is to train most muscle groups in the entire body. However, because these training props are relatively simple, the requirements of the field is not very high, so the training is relatively simple. This kind of training is very important and very suitable for actual combat.

Key points of training

When training dogs, attention must be paid to an effective and reasonable training interval plan. It is not that daily training, strict training is best, but it is necessary to judge the results of each training session and the condition of the dog, as well as the intensity and duration of each subsequent training session. Otherwise, if the dog is not in good condition and is given too many training tasks, it is likely that your dog will be injured.

When training a whippet, use a set code and hand gestures. It is best to assign one person to be the primary handler so that Whippet knows what to expect and what to praise. If he does something and someone blames him and someone praises him, it will confuse him and make him not know whether to do it or not.

More praise and less blame. When a dog performs an action you command and receives praise, it will show joy and satisfaction that we cannot imagine. Therefore, more praise and encouragement should be given to the dog as a basic principle in training. Too much scolding can slow your dog down, and Whippet will show increasing enthusiasm for learning if he is trained in a nine to one ratio of praise to scolding.

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