How are Greyhounds trained to stare at lights?

“Gree dogs as a hunting dog, at the time of training a greyhound hunting, we will be training a greyhound at first light, before training a greyhound on the lamp, we have to ensure that they have learned during the day hunting, gree dogs in training at the light, we can use the lamp according to the rabbit, gree dog see the rabbit ran to catch, multi-purpose lamp according to several times the rabbit, Greyhounds learn to keep their eyes on the light.”

We are talking to a greyhound, is hunting for the definition of their masters, because we often can see a lot of people buy gree in life are all used to hunting with them, a greyhound running endurance and speed is very fast, their appearance was like wind men in particular, the slender body and pointy skull, Looks like a hunting master, although Gree dog is a hunting master, but also need our training after tomorrow, we will go through such a process in the training of Gree dog hunting, that is, the training of Gree dogs staring at the light, maybe you don’t know how to train the small skills of Gree dog staring at the light.

1.How are Greyhounds trained to stare at lights

Most people who train their dogs to stare at lights only use them when they are hunting at night. Before we train them to stare at lights, we need to make sure they have learned to hunt during the day. If they already know during the day hunting prey and master the skills of hunting, so we can train them at the light, at the time of train them at the light, we can use first lamp according to the rabbit, they see the light of the rabbit would be to chase, so many times, a greyhound will generate conditioned reflex, as long as we open a lamp, light they will stare at us, This will train the dog to stare at the light.

2.What should training a Gree dog to stare at a light notice

How we said above the greyhound training at lamp such a question, then I will take you to see what should pay attention to training a greyhound at lamp, we are training a greyhound on lights when it is important to note that can’t carry any other dog, best with a greyhound dog dog went hunting, it can improve the concentration degree of greyhound training at the light.

Everyone in the dog, are in order to let the dog master a hunting skills, especially in the evening with the dog out hunting, training them to stare at the light is a necessary thing, so about how to train the dog to stare at the light of this article, I believe it will be able to help you.

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