How to train cute adult Bichon Frise, you must know after watching

“Any dog, as long as the choice feeding, training must be the right thing to do, adult than bear dog is no exception, although it is lovely, coquetry, that also can’t afford not to training, training good adult smarter than bear dogs will make it much more obedient, so we shovel excrement officer is also relatively more save worry, clever clever dog who does not love, but you have chosen the right training method?”

Choose the dog breed, probably a lot of shovel dog’s appearance and personality choice, if let me choose a dog, then I definitely choose Bichon Frise, because it is too cute, I believe that many shovel dog also let the Bichon frise cute heart. But decided to feed it, we can not ignore it, must train it, so how to train an adult Bichon Frise, this episode of the content, not to be missed.

1.The personality of the Bichon Frise

Than bear dog you shovel excrement officer should be very understand, rolls of white hair, commonly known as toy puppy, lovely small appearance, coquetry, shovel excrement officers can’t resist, than bear dog temperature character is very gentle, cute, smart, active, clever little idea, more let us these shovel excrement officer and Bai Rongrong coils of hair, a pair of black eyes, These advantages of Bichon Frise is also the choice of many shovel shit.

2.The breeding method of Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is actually very easy to raise, although it is so lovely, so noble, but in fact it is not squeamish. But the Bichun breed must regularly give it a bath and care of the hair, because its hair is very white, we shovel excrement officer also often to the dog’s eyes out of the secretion wipe.

3.How do you train an adult Bichon Frise

How to train an adult Bichon Frise is not difficult at all. Here’s how to learn with me. Training an adult dog than bear, we must be strict on its food and wait for feeding point, dog food are very common, but be sure to prevent that from happening, so on the training must strict church it cannot protect food, feeding, and is to make it to wait such cunning than bear dogs will let shovel excrement officer to reduce a little trouble in later life. Church than bear bath, prohibit public defecation, prohibit in sofa, bed and other places to eat things, not to go to bed, on the sofa, these are shovel excrement officer must teach it oh.

Well, the above is the way we are going to talk about training the bichon today, in fact, not only Bichon dog, oh, other dogs also need to teach them, we not only have to feed it, but also responsible for it and our owners, oh, this episode, you understand the training of the essentials.

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